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Parts I-IV & VI-VIII
Theses are the results of some experimentations, starting out as R+D tests they were almost forgotten on my hard drive as many of my experiments do.
This time I decided to string them all together with a consistent art style and theme, connecting them with an ambient soundtrack which helped me decide to create something more than just another 3D test that will get lost in the abyss.
Song credits go to Noisia, the song is ‘Paperdoll’ from the album ‘Split the Atom’, I chose the track for the simple but textured ambience, and the fact that it was just over 1 minute long meant that my rendering would be kept to a minimum.
Everything was created and rendered in Modo, with post processing done in After Effects.
I have talked to Flapper Management who manage Noisia and acquired permission to rightfully use the song in this visualisation

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Product :  MODO 701
Profile :  Andre McGrail

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