modo 401 SP3 Details

The following list is a review of changes and corrections included in modo 401 Service Pack 3. Feel free to read them all if you are in to that sort of thing.

Updated: Solidworks import supports 2010 files.

Fixed: Incorrect code page in Czech, Polish and Turkish translations.

Fixed: Shader masking bugs on instance meshes.

Changed: GL texture generation to purge the source image, saving memory.

Fixed: Improper handling of comment lines in config macros, causing them to break. This broke a common macro recording tutorial, and made it impossible to save to the config a record macro containing any command blocks (ie: any tool-based macros).

Fixed: Improper handling of ?(a|b|c) query syntax, which was effectively unable to select the first option in the list.

Updated: view3d.shadingStyle to use text hints (for ?(a|b|c) support) while providing user strings for the ARB shaders.

Fixed: Typo bug in the "Help is currently unavailable for this feature" message.

Fixed: Potential random crash in VMapPublicName().

Fixed: Hang in the Graph Editor.

Fixed: Input mapping bug.

Fixed: Error parsing macros when a line ends in a substitution (ie: "render.res 0 %1").

Changed: Shadow catchers to hide any geometry behind them.

Reverted: Purging of image cache.

Fixed: Element move in UV mode.

Fixed: Crash in loading certain presets.

Fixed: Transform tools with workplanes.

Fixed: Possible crash with backgound images.

Fixed: Bad mouse behavior with element falloff.

Fixed: Crash in uv.pack.

Fixed: Problem retargetting image sequences on load.

Fixed: Bug saving some animated channels in presets.

Fixed: Crash in mirror tool.

Fixed: Potential race condition due to low memory.

Fixed: Potential crash in preset viewport file scanning.

Added: Support for vertex color to FBX I/O.

Fixed: Inability to save form justification mode to the config.

Enabled: 'pixel blending' in image ink by default, improving ink quality.

Fixed: Prevent crashes if you hit F9 just after the render completes but before the render command finishes executing.

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