MODO 901 SP1 Details

The following list is a review of changes and corrections included in MODO 901 SP1.

Advanced viewport: Adds an option for overriding primitive visibility.

Advanced viewport: Disables the Advanced viewport for AMD/ATI FirePro V Series cards. These are old cards that are not supported by AMD/ATI anymore, with too many GLSL issues to get working in MODO.

Advanced viewport: Disables default light sources and applies scene light sources, when the visibility is set to 'render' in the Advanced Viewport options.

Advanced viewport: Disables the Advanced viewport for Nvidia cards on OS X 10.8.4 and earlier, due to driver issues. Those running OS X 10.8 should update to 10.8.5.

Advanced viewport: Disables the Advanced viewport on AMD/ATI cards on OS X versions 10.8.4 and earlier, due to driver issues.  Those running OS X 10.8 should update to 10.8.5.

Advanced viewport: Disables the Advanced viewport on systems with less than 512 MB of video RAM.

Advanced viewport: Fixes bug where certain tools handles were not drawing.

Advanced viewport: Fixes bug where vertex and edge selections were very difficult to see.

Advanced viewport: Fixes crash on launch on some AMD systems.

Advanced viewport: Fixes potential crash with some localized fonts.

Advanced viewport: Forces the Advanced viewport to use the Environment texture as the Background and Reflection when the visibility is set to Render.

Advanced viewport: Improves cast shadows.

Advanced viewport: Makes default non-scene sourced lights cast shadows.

Advanced viewport: Updates libraries, containing mainly minor optimizations.

Alembic I/O: Fixes potential crash on load when a streaming simulation mesh has more than 5 vertices per polygon, improving compatibility with simulations exported from Houdini.

Backdrops/Color Management: Adds color management support to backdrop images.

Bevel tool: Removes experimental inline Bevel tool properties, which slipped into release.

Bezier Effector/Stability: Fixes potential crash when changing 'Use Scale' in the channels tab.

BVH Import: Fixes a couple of bugs that could cause an out of memory error in some situations when loading multiple BVH files.

Clone tools: Fixes bug where setting Source to All BG wasn't working.

Color Management: Fixes bug where moving objects with image maps between scenes would lose the colorspace information.

Cone tool: Fixes bug where setting a high number of sides would lead to vertices near the tip of the cone being merged incorrectly.

Deferred meshes: Fixes bug where clicking cancel was still creating an empty Deferred mesh, causing the original mesh to be lost, when changing a mesh to a Deferred mesh.

Deferred meshes: Fixes bug where dialog to locate missing LXDF files only allowed selection of image files by default.

Deferred meshes: Fixes bug where item masks did not work for replicators using referenced deferred meshes.

Documentation: Updates internal documentation to latest version.

Drag and Drop: Fixes bug where dragging and dropping an image from the images palette or clips list into schematic was not working.

Drag and Drop/Stability: Fixes potential crash attempting to drag and drop from browsers (like a ClipChoice popover) that don't actually support it.

Dynamics: Fixes bug where cached simulations of soft bodies would be lost if the timeline was scrubbed to frame 0.

Dynamics: Make Dynamic Curves script will now turn off 'Static' channel so that default dynamic curves will act as expected.

Dynamics: Windows: Fixes bug where dynamics curves would not always follow deforming meshes.

Dynamics/Stability: Fixes potential crash simulating large numbers of dynamic curves.

Dynamics/Stability: Windows: Fixes potential crash undoing after playing a live simulation with rigid bodies in a scene.

Edge Slide: Fixes bug where points on boundary edges weren't sliding in the right direction.

Embedded Gradient Editor/Stability: Fixes potential crash when properties forms with embedded gradient editors were floated.

EXR I/O: Fixes bug where the DPI setting in the Render settings was not being written correctly into EXR images.

EXR I/O: Fixes bug where tile handling threads could deadlock when rendering.

EXR I/O: Fixes potential hang when the EXR loader encounters badly formed EXR images.

Falloffs: Fixes bug where using multiple falloffs was not working.

FBX I/O: Adds support for exporting just the current Action.

FBX I/O: Exports UV maps in alphabetical order for consistency.

FBX I/O: Fixes bug where children in imported hierarchies would have their visibility set to 'Yes', instead of 'Default'.

File I/O: Fixes bug where file open dialogs were showing all files instead of filtering the desired type.

File I/O: Windows: Restores DDE support on Windows, which is important since it is used for opening files from Explorer and for third party apps like GoZ.

Flex tool: Fixes bug where the transform handles were not positioned correctly.

Forms: Fixes bug with 'Save Form' with embedded viewport arguments.

Geometry Cache Baking/Stability: Fixes crash baking the geometry cache in modo_cl.

GL meter: Improves accuracy and stability of 'glmeter' display.

GL: Fixes bug where animation playback was not updating textures with image sequences.

GL: Fixes bug where image sequence playback performance was erratic (speeding up and slowing down).

GL: Fixes bug where UV Boundaries weren't updating on UV map selection changes.

GL: Fixes bug where viewport modes supporting Independent Draw, did not correctly handle inactive mesh drawing.

GL: Fixes reflection shading mode for static meshes.

GL: Mac: Updates the 'glinfo' command to now report both the GL Core and Compatibility versions.

GL/Performance: Improves performance when a hidden item is selected in item mode, while showing weights on active and inactive meshes.

GL/Stability: Fixes potential crash when changing the Drawing and Control > Light Item setting in the 3D viewport properties (gear or 'o').

GL/UVs: Fixes bug where tiled images weren't drawing correctly in GL if they UV offsets.

Gradient Paint tool/Stability: Fixes crash using the Gradient Paint tool in the UV view.

Hair Smooth tool: Fixes bug where the entire guide was being effected, regardless of brush size.

Help: Adds links to Learn MODO page from MODO 901 Showcase and the Help menu.

Image Preview: Fixes bug where grayscale tiled EXRs could not be displayed by image preview.

Incremental Save: Fixes bug where the script was sometimes choosing the wrong file to increment.

Input: Mac: Fixed bug where all input was being lost in random circumstances.

Key Mappings: Fixes bug where polygons could not be shift-selected when the Maya key remapping was used.

Lattice Deformer: Fixes bug where the influence of the lattice would extend beyond the divisions in the lattice.

Localization: Adds missing resources for localization of 3d viewport presets.

Localization: Fixes resources for Deferred mesh.

Localization: Windows: Fixes some issues with unicode paths not working.

Lock Selection: Fixes bug where the command would not work with Lazy Selection on.

Merge Layers: Fixes bug where the command did not work correctly with parent/child items.

Merge Layers/Stability: Fixes crash merging layers with transform Compensation enabled.

Mesh Fusion: Fixes hang opening a specific scene with Mesh Fusion items.

Mesh Fusion: Fixes incorrect script error alerts.

Mesh Fusion: Fixes potential crash converting to mesh with certain settings.

Mesh Fusion: Fixes potential crash dragging a Qbic preset onto the Fusion tree.

Mesh Fusion: Fixes potential crash subtracting a mesh from a fusion item.

Mesh Fusion/Stability: Fixes bug where creating a fusion item then undoing would result in an error message and further undos could lead to instability.

Mouse input: Mac: Fixes bug where shift+scrollwheel was not zooming in Preview.

Multiresolution Displacement: Fixes bug where the detail on deformed objects would be lost.

Network Rendering: Fixes a bug where output filenames could vary between master and slaves.

Network Rendering: Fixes a potential crash on slaves when rendering stereoscopic animations.

Network Rendering: Fixes bug where exiting the save dialog when entering slave mode with an unsaved scene open would close the scene and lose data, instead of canceling the entire process.

Network Rendering: Fixes bug where network renders would fail if the master had missing assets.

Network Rendering: Fixes bug where slave systems were reloading the master's irradiance cache for each new set of buckets being rendered.

Network Rendering: Fixes bug where slaves were not generating their own irradiance caches in full-frame mode.

Network Rendering: Potential fix for full-frame network renders failing with multiple render output.

Network Rendering: Potential fix for network renders failing if the master had missing assets.

OpenSubDiv: Fixes potential crash when the display and render subdivision levels are different.

Particle Generator/Stability: Fixes potential crash setting the source surface to a mesh.

Play Mode: Enables all render commands, as well as and group.current.

Play Mode/Stability: Fixes potential crash closing a scene while in play mode.

Play Mode/Stability: Fixes potential crash that can occur when a button has no label.

Polyline polygons: Fixes a bug when subdividing two point polyline polygons.

Preset Browser/Mesh Fusion: Fixes bug where the Mesh Fusion Qbics preset browser did not always display the Qbic presets when initially opened.

Preview: Fixes bug where Effect/Render Output would change back to the default (shading) when changing between scenes.

Preview: Fixes bug where the Effect/Render Output would change back to the default (shading) if any item properties were edited.

Preview/Stability: Fixes potential crash altering texure properties with preview open.

Preview/Stability: Prevents crash if rendering was aborted.

Proxies/Stability: Fixes potential crash when using proxy items with Preview.

Python SDK: Adds implementations for MeshMap::EnumerateDiscontinuous() and EnumerateEdges().

Qt/Stability: Mac: Fixes bug where using the fullscreen button to exit fullscreen mode would crash.

Qt/UI: Mac: Fixes bug where 'F9' shortcuts in the render menu were replaced by '8's.

RayGL: Fixes bug where enabling then disabling RayGL would make viewport shading darker.

RayGL/Advanced viewport: Fixes bug where turning on RayGL when in the Advanced viewport would disable it.

Referencing/Stability: Fixes instability when replacing a reference.

Render Window: Fixes small memory leak.

Render Window: Updates the render window's Copy from Scene and Paste to Scene functions to handle the Exposure Control, Film Speed, and Tone Map Type channels.

Rendercache API: Fixes bug where the rendercache was ignoring the LXfRENDERCACHE_GEOCACHE_DISPLACE flag.

Rendercache API: Fixes bug where the rendercache was not providing geometry for items with a fur shader.

Rendercache API: Fixes crash with rendercache and VDB Voxel items.

Rendercache API: Fixes problems with furry surfaces.

Rendercache API/Stability: Fixes potential crash with fur covered geometry.

Rendercache: Fixes bug where the rendercache did not have per-vertex velocity data.

Rendering: Changes subsurface scattering to account for indirect illumination by default.  The old default is used when loading pre-901 scenes.

Rendering: Fixes a bug in which adaptive light sample allocation was not accounting for spotlights with a nonzero radius when determining if the point being shaded is inside the light cone.

Rendering: Fixes bug where F9 renders would produce an 'Unable to save rendered image' if an invalid path was set in a render output.

Rendering: Fixes frame number rounding when rendering between frames.

Rendering: Modifies light sources that are visible to the camera to appear in the Luminous Shading render output.

Rendering/Stability: Fixes bug causing an 'Unable to save rendered image' error to pop up during some renders, due to an internal abort.

Replica effector/Stability: Prevents potential crash in replica effector with non-locator prototypes.

Schematic: Adding a Particle Modifier with a link selected will again insert it into that link.

Sculpting: Fixes bug where subdividing a mesh with multiresolution sculpt data on a different sculpt layer would cause the sculpt displacement to increase.

SDK: Replaces references to 601, modo & Luxology with 901, MODO & The Foundry Group.

Selection sets: Fixes case where selection sets couldn't be assigned.

Selection: Fixes bug where zooming and then selecting polygons could erroneously select additional polygons behind the camera or perspective view.

Shader Tree: Fixes bug where Filter on Selection was not working.

Shader Tree/Stability: Fixes crash when selecting a Mesh Fusion Q-material in shader tree in a specific scene.

Shader Tree/UI: Fixes bug where the render camera under the Render item would not update when changed.

Shortcuts: Mac: Fixes bug where cmd-X/C/V weren't working.

Skeleton tool/Stability: Fixes crash closing a scene with the Skeleton tool active.

Skeleton tool/Stability: Fixes potential crash undoing after moving a skeleton joint.

Smooth Channel Modifier: Fixes issue where inputs were not being accepted on the input channel.

Softlag/Stability: Fixes crash connecting a mesh into a Softlag Effector input.

Stability: Fixes bug which could cause session recovery to fail.

Stability: Fixes crash attempting to paint on a backdrop image.

Stability: Fixes crash when using the select.deformer command with bad arguments (select.deformer mesh set).

Stability: Fixes potential crash when changing the VDB Voxel item to another type, while it is being rendered with volume items.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when running commands which open dialogs directly from a menu.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when the input to a Particle Modifier has its type change to a non-particle source type.

Stability: Fixes potential random crash. (Automated crash reporting)

Stability: Fixes random crash. (Automated crash reporting)

Stability: Mac: Fixes commonly reported random crash. (Automated crash reporting)

Statistics viewport: Fixes bug where previously added materials could not be deleted from a polygon selection.

Statistics viewport: Fixes bug where the wide version of the viewport was showing the incorrect column headings.

SVG I/O: Fixes bug where imported closed curves weren't closed.

SVG I/O: Fixes bug where SVG export failed if no mesh layers were selected.  Now all relevant layers are saved.

SVG I/O: Fixes bug where the opacity for paths was being set incorrectly when fill-opacity was set.

Switcher Bar: Various Switcher Bar updates, including preferences (Prefs > Defaults > Switcher Bar) to apply it to any side of the MODO window (not just top and bottom), as well as configure how it behaves on palettes, etc.

Tack tool: Fixes bug where the Tack tool was scaling tacked geometry when moved on the target mesh surface.

TD SDK: Documentation:

  • - Adds example: Accessing Skin Weights
  • - Adds note/example of checking the undo state before invoking commands from servers (listeners)

  • - Added properties:
  • - Deformer.numMeshes :getter: Returns the number of meshes connected to this deformer
  • - Deformer.meshes :getter: Returns a list of connected meshes
  • - GeneralInfluenceDeformer.mapName :getter: Returns the UI version of the map name as string

  • - MeshPolygons.accessor :getter: Returns the shared PolygonAccessor object (lx.object.Polygon)
  • - VertexMap: The implicit angular bracket methods can now deallocate assignments (by setting to None) and detect unallocated assignments (returns None)
  • - VertexMap.clear :param int index: If not None, the vertex of this index is deallocated from the map. Otherwise all values of the map are deallocated.
  • - Added classes VertexNormalMap (with example) and PickMap

  • - Scene.addItem raises a TypeError now instead of returning None when failing


Adds the 'with' statement Python idiom to MeshGeometry.

Fix for Group.addItems and Group.removeItems, where it would fail when a tuple was passed.

Adds property Scene.locators as a shorthand way to list all locators in a scene.

Filled in missing docstrings in many places and added 'The Big Picture' section to the docs.

Adds more examples:

  • - Loading and Storing Poses
  • - Creating an Assembly
  • - Event Listener Callbacks
  • - PySide Qt Render Button and Web Browser examples (taken from Tom Ward's examples in the 801 FotW wiki section)"

TD SDK: Documentation: Marks all properties as such using the :getter: and :setter: directives of Sphinx.

TD SDK: Fixes bug where Scene.renderCamera was returning the wrong camera object.

TD SDK: Fixes typo in util.makeQuickCommand.

TD SDK: Fixes vertex map bug, where vertex maps' accessors were selecting the wrong ID when looked up by name.

Text tool: Fixes bugs where Text tool was producing incorrect results.

Topo view: Fixes bug where back-facing selection brightness was the same as that for front facing selections.

Topological Symmetry: Fixes incorrect error message when using a Selection Set.

Topology Sketch/Stability: Fixes potential crash using the topology sketch tool.

Transform tools: Fixes bug where transform tools could deactivate in component mode when working with heavy Catmull-Clark meshes.

Tree View API: Makes it possible to define input maps entirely through server tags, significantly increasing the usefulness of tree views.

UDIM Indicator: Fixes bug where the move buttons could cause UVs to move to the wrong location.

UDIMs/Stability: Fixes potential crash switching blend modes for UDIMs.

UI: Adds tooltip to 'Select Through' button.

UI: Fixes bug where attempting to set a vmap dropdown to 'none' would result in the Subdivision map being selected.

UI: Fixes bug where switching between layouts quickly could sometimes pop up an "Unknown Command" error.

UI: Mac: Fixes bug where file dialogs would lose focus when switching to other applications.

UI: Removes the Deferred Surface entry from the Add Item > Other list.

UI: Windows: Fixes bug where popovers weren't dismissing when clicking the window title or menu bars.

UI/Performance: Fixes issue where installing kits with many buttons and icons could reduce 3d viewport performance.

UI/Stability: Fixes bug causing forms to become unresponsive after enabling linked edits in ganged edit fields, then typing a value and hitting "enter".

UI/Stability: Fixes potential crash switching tabs in Item Properties when the tabs are in a 'more' (>>) popover.

UI/Stability: Fixes potential crash when changing a ganged input field by pressing 'tab'.

UI/Stability: Windows: Fixes potential crash when selecting a vertical tab in a form when a dropdown was open.

User Channels/Stability: Fixes potential crash when editing a divider user channel.

UV Boundaries: Fixes bug where UV Boundary display in GL did not update consistently when editing UVs.

UV Rectangle/Stability: Fixes potential crash when the command is used with partial selection.

UVs: Fixes bug where selecting the UV map for a hidden mesh would result in an 'Unknown vertex map 'Texture' ?' error message.

UVs: Relaxes the rule about polygon type for topological UV paste.

UVs/Performance: Improves UV sculpting by optimizing UV border detection.

VDB Voxel item: Fixes issue where the Voxel Item could not be converted to a mesh.

VDB Voxel item: Improves the cache system and fixes some minor bugs.

VDB Voxel item: Moves the item from the Other section to the Volumes section of the Add Item list.

Vertex Map Mirror: Fixes bug where weights in the vicinity of the symmetry line did not mirror correctly.

Viewport options/Stability: Fixes potential crash when toggling the Visibility > Performance > Displacement option with Rock items in a scene.

Wireframe texture: Fixes bug where the texture would not update on edge map changes.

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