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The current build of MODO 10 is: 10.1v2 build 120147 (2016-July-21)
The current build of MODO 902 is: Service Pack 3 build 108604 (2016-April-6)
The current build of MODO 901 is: SP1 build 95275 (2015-October-22)
The current build of MODO 801 is: SP5 build 86254 (2015-June-23)

A list of new features for MODO 801 can be found in the What's New in MODO 801 document. Additional product information can be found at

The current build of MODO 701 is: SP5 build 68192 (2014-March-6)

A list of new features for MODO 701 can be found in the What's New in MODO 701 document (build 58358)

I have just purchased modo, where do I download it?

modo can be downloaded from the My Account -> Registered Products page in the Support section of the website.

How do I install modo?

Go to the download page (see above), and locate MODO 701. Below the header there are 3 numbered steps in a row, the title of each step is a link.

  1. "Install Software": Click the download link next to the icon for platform you are installing on. Windows = works on Xp, Vista, 7. The installer lets you choose 64 bit or 32 bit. Check your system profile to see the OS is 64 bit. Mac = for OSX 10.6 and higher. Application includes a 64 bit, and 32 bit mode.
  2. Click on "Install Content": This is a large library of premade models, materials and other content. Simply download then run the installer.
  3. Click on "Generate License Key”. You will see the permanent license and it will list your serial number. Click the link "Generate Key" next to the icon for your operating system. Download and install the license key.
I just bought modo, how do I install the license key?

The License Key can be downloaded from your My Account ->Registered Products page.

Go to step 3, "Generate License Key". New orders will only have a temporary license key. This allows you to start using modo right away. A regular license key with a serial number will be added to this page when your order has been fully processed. Please allow up to 2 business days for order processing.

Under the MODO 701 header you will see 3 numbered steps. Click on Step 3: "Generate License Key". Click on "Generate Key" next to the icon for your operating system to download the license and installer onto your computer. Unpack the ZIP or archive file once it is saved to your local system and then follow the install directions below.

Mac OS X users:

  1. Unpack the archive file
  2. Drag the license file onto the Apple Script icon called "drop modo license on me" located in the same directory.
  3. Done, start modo!

Windows users:

  1. Unpack the zip file
  2. Run the Setup.exe file
  3. Done, start modo!

(Note to Windows XP users: Windows XP will display the contents of an archive prior to the file being expanded. If you try to run the installer from this within the zip folder it will not find the license key. You MUST uncompress the archive to a folder before running the installer.)

If the license installer fails manually copy and paste the license key file from the zip folder into the correct location below:

  • Mac: Go to Finder, (your harddrive name) > Users > (your username) Library >Application Support > Luxology Place the file in this location. Note: if you have Lion osx 10.7 the Library folder is hidden. Open the terminal and enter the following text to unhide the library. chflags nohidden ~/Library/
  • Windows XP: My computer C Drive:documents and settings (user name) > application data (make sure that you have show hidden folders on ) > Luxology Place the file in this location.
  • Windows Vista or 7: C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming\Luxology - Place file here.

How do I install a floating license?

Simply follow the standard installation for modo, and install a copy of the license key file on each machine. modo will automatically keep track of how many instances of that license are in use.

What Is RLM Licensing?

For an overview of how RLM licensing works:

Troubleshooting RLM licensing issues:

If you still have questions or have an issues with RLM licensing then please contact

When I open modo I get a message saying “Standard Content Wasn’t Found.” How do I install the content?

The standard content can be downloaded from your My Account -> Registered Products page. Under the MODO 701 header you will see 3 numbered steps. Click on Step 2: Install Content. From that location you can download the content installer for your chosen platform.

I am having trouble signing into my account.

Make sure you are using your actual log in name, which is different from your username as seen in the forums.

Click here if you forgot your user ID.
Click here if you forgot your password.

If you are still having log-in trouble, then clear any cookies from your browser and clear your cache.

I made changes to the layout, and saved over the default? How do I reset the default?

Close modo and delete modo’s config file. This will delete any and all custom layouts. After you delete the modo config file, start modo again and it will generate a new default config file. The config file can be found in the following locations:

  • Mac: Username / Library / Preferences  -- remove the file named com.luxology.modo701
  • Windows XP My computer  C Drive:documents and settings (user name) > application data(make sure that you have show hidden folders on )> remove file named modo701.cfg
  • Windows Vista or 7 - C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming\Luxology - remove file named modo701.cfg
How do I register my copy of modo?

If modo was purchased directly from The Foundry Community website then registration is not needed. Registration is only required when modo is purchased from a reseller. Reseller order confirmations will include a serial number that must be entered using the Product Registration page.

Where do I find training, and other downloadable content that I have purchased from the online store?

All downloadable purchases can be found by going to your My Account > User Account and Profiles page by clicking on the “Welcome (username)” link in the top right of the webpage. Links to the download pages will be seen on the right side of the account page. Kits and other additional content can be found on the Registered Content page. Standard content that is included with the purchase of modo is not found in Registered Content, it is part of the 3 steps for installing modo found in Registered Products. Purchased training downloads can be found on the Registered Training page. Plug-ins can be found under Registered Plug-ins.

Where can I find tutorial videos for Kits that I own?

Many of the newer Kits have tutorials and documentation that is installed inside modo. Open modo and go to the Help menu. Find “Kit Help.”

I am getting an error when I try to install the SLIK product on Windows XP 64...

This is a known issue. Please do the following:

  1. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy
  2. Right click on Software Restriction Policies and select New Software Restriction Policies from the popup menu.
  3. Left click on Software Restriction Policies, right click on Enforcement, and select Properties from the popup menu.
  4. Under Apply Software Restriction Policies to the Following Users: click All Users Except Local Administrators. Click the Apply and OK buttons then Install the SLIK product again.
Disabling selection rollovers gives modo a significant OpenGL performance boost on some configurations.

Adjust it here: System » Preferences » Display » OpenGL » Selection Rollovers.

Can a modo license be transferred to another person?

Yes, for a $100 fee the original person who purchased the software from The Foundry or an authorized reseller can contact The Foundry and arrange to have the serial number transferred to a new account. The $100 fee is per each serial number to be transferred, and no transfer is available for educational, student or NFR licenses of modo. The person transferring their license will need to send an email to The Foundry confirming that they have completely removed modo from their computer, hard drives or any other storage device and have destroyed any backup copies of modo they have made. This can only be done one time, by the original purchaser of modo. All license transfers are at the discretion of The Foundry.

The final build of modo 601 is: (2013-January-16) - Service Pack 5 - build 55976

A complete list of changes for modo 601 can be found in the comprehensive modo 601 New Features and Improvements document (build 48460, build 48711 for OS X), modo 601 Service Pack 1 Details (build 49611), modo 601 Service Pack 2 Details (build 50673), modo 601 Service Pack 3 Details (build 52162), modo 601 Service Pack 4 Details (build 54144), modo 601 Service Pack 5 Details (build 55976),modo 601 Known Issues List

The final build of modo 501 is: (2012-January-9) Service Pack 6 - build 46546, (2012-February-6) Optional Service Pack 6 - build 47479 for Windows with SolidWorks 2012 Loader

A complete list of changes for modo 501 can be found in the comprehensive modo 501 Improvements document (build 40017), modo 501 Service Pack 1 Details (build 40846), modo 501 Service Pack 2 Details (build 41321, r2 41483), modo 501 Service Pack 3 Details (build 42548), modo 501 Service Pack 4 Details (build 43413, r2 43854 for OS X), modo 501 Service Pack 5 Details (build 45398), modo 501 Service Pack 6 Details (build 46546, build 47479 for Windows)

Current modo owners can download the latest updates from their Registered Products page.

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