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Ocean Trawler

Andy Brown, The Foundry
  • Compatible With
  • MODO 801

Ocean Trawler

By The Foundry’s Andy Brown

This intermediate-level project-based tutorial is great for users interested in an introduction to using animated deformers, and a more advanced run-through of particle setups. In this tutorial you will learn how to create an animated procedural ocean, and then how to animate the ocean trawler boat (included asset) to automatically react to the procedural ocean swells. The creation and control of the particle simulation for the boat's wake is covered, as well, on a more advanced level. The result of the project is a render-ready animation of the ocean trawler battling through the ocean swells.

Purchase the Ocean Trawler Training Series

Product Platforms Price
Ocean Trawler - Training Series $25.00
  • What's Included?
    • 5 training videos
    • 11 scenes in LXO format
    • All necessary texture images
    • 1 material preset
    • Note: Particle Cache files are not included due to file size
  • Total Running Time:
    • 71 minutes
  • Experience Level:
    • Intermediate. Basic knowledge of MODO 801 texturing and rigging required.
  • Software Compatibility:
    • MODO 801
  • Product Format:
    • All files delivered via electronic download. Training videos are at 1920 x 1080 resolution and narrated in English.

Upon purchase your product will be available for download through your Registered Training page.

  1. Video 01

    This video looks at how to use animated textures to deform a surface, and then how to layer displacement and bump maps on top of it to produce an animated procedural ocean. This video shows the utilization of deformers, falloffs, the gradient editor and presets, as well as the schematic and preview viewports.

  2. Video 02

    This video walks through how to rig the fishing trawler to react naturally to the movement of the ocean surface. With the basic motion in place, users are shown how to keyframe additional movement to develop a more expressive animation. This video shows the utilization of constraints, morph deformers, user channels and item display options, as well as the schematic viewport and chanel haul.

  3. Video 03

    In any animation, the importance of the camera should never be underestimated. This video takes a look at how to rig the camera to react naturally to the ocean to give the illusion that we’re looking at the scene from another boat in the distance. An emphasis is placed on how to rig the camera so that it can be animated in a quick and controlled manner.

  4. Video 04

    This video brings the trawler and ocean together by creating a particle simulation that mimics the spray and wake produced when a boat cuts through water. To do this Andy utilizes surface emitters, curve and wind forces as well as the new CSV point cache. The surface particle generator is then used to help add the effect of spray being blown from the tops of the waves.

  5. Video 05

    The final video looks at how to texture the ocean so the boat will leave a wake as it moves through the scene. The tutorial finishes with how to set up the scene to be rendered and ready for comp in a program such as NUKE.


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