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SLIK Kit (Studio Lighting Illumination)

  • Compatible With
  • MODO 801
  • MODO 701
  • MODO 601
  • MODO 501
  • MODO 401

SLIK Kit (Studio Lighting Illumination)

The SLIK Kit (Studio Lighting Illumination) is an extensive collection of presets, scenes, items, materials and video tutorials to help modo users light their creations. With SLIK, you are able to quickly select a studio lighting solution that mimics those found in the real-world of photography. Instantly your modo renderings will look more vivid and believable.

Purchase the SLIK Kit (Studio Lighting Illumination)

Product Platforms Price
Studio Lighting & Illumination Kit $125.00


30 built-to-scale lighting assembly presets.
24 different lighting setups supporting small scale, medium scale, large scale and portrait studio photography.
24 2k HDR environmental maps.
21 material presets.
5 simple meshes.

Experience Level:

All Levels

Software Compatibility:

MODO 801, 701, 601, 501, 401 (SP3 or later)

Product Format:

All files delivered via electronic download.


Note: Your Kit will be available for download through your Registered Content page upon purchase. The Kit is licensed to each individual and is not a studio-wide license. Upon purchase, separate downloads are provided for use of this Kit with modo 601, modo 501 and modo 401. Pick the one that matches the version of modo you wish to use the Kit with.

Bring the realism of a studio shoot into your CG-based production

Whether you just need a quick fix lighting solution to drop a model into or a streamlined way to build your own lighting studio, SLIK will accelerate your workflow with content and controls not found in any other lighting system. Add lights, arrange, tweak light controls. Render. Need a spherical HDR image of the studio? No problem, just drop a spherical camera preset, flip a switch and render your custom high-quality HDR image. And you can do all this while seeing your renders or spherical map interactively using MODO’s Preview Renderer.

Click to view images of SLIK images and components

Get professional results using these Integrated lighting environments

SLIK consists of lighting assembly presets, scenes, material presets, mesh presets, HDR image based environments, instructional videos and a guided manual to help you light your modo scenes with incredible realism.

Read Nick Koudis’ first impressions of SLIK on his blog.

“This COMPLETELY changes The Foundry’s modo as a photographic tool.”

— Nick Koudis

Light your scenes with custom lighting “rigs”

The lighting assembly presets are lights and reflectors that are mounted on tripods, booms or hang from the ceiling with pantograph supports. These have been modeled to a high level of detail – right down to the folds in the fabric of the light reflectors — to bring studio quality production values to your modo work. Just like in a real studio, these “rigs” let you control light placement and parameters like sizing and color, and easily adjust things like how far open you want “barn door” flaps to be for your shot. A variety of platform backdrops are provided that you can scale and adjust for 1, 2 or 4 sided backdrops or artificial horizons.

Use industry-standard IES light files

The lights utilize IES light files which can be freely downloaded from light bulb manufacturing sites or the The Foundry asset sharing site. They provide real-world accuracy and can dramatically improve the realism in your renders. Or you can just as easily turn the lighting system into a luminous polygon-based lighting solution at the flip of a switch. All the controls are made available in the modo viewport so that placement and adjustment is just like you were moving the lights in a real studio.

Work in different scale environments easily

SLIK ships with a variety of HDR-based lighting environments arranged according to the scale of the scene as follows:

  • Small: jewelry, accessories
  • Medium: electronic devices, consumer products, packaging
  • Large: automotive
  • Portrait: people, creatures

Extend SLIK by adding your own components

In addition to using the pre-built environments included with SLIK, you can configure the lights, reflectors, platforms and cameras into a custom lighting solution (including HDR image creation).

photograph by Yazan Malkosh

Meet Yazan Malkosh

Creator of the SLIK Kit (Studio Lighting Illumination)

Yazan Malkosh has deep modo experience, having been a modo trainer, beta tester, and active Forum member. He has over eight years of experience and resides in Amman, Jordon where he runs the production house, 9b studios. He is well known for his expertise in materials and lighting, beginning with his free Preset library for modo 201 and continuing with his Architectural Interior Lighting Video Tutorial, SLIK Kit (Studio Lighting Illumination), PAD Kit (Product Automotive Design), Studio Environment Set 1 Kit, and Studio Environment Set 2 Kit titles for The Foundry.

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