MODO image by Jan Ove Rust
Studio Environment Set 1 from 9b studios
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  • Compatible With
  • MODO 801
  • MODO 701
  • MODO 601
  • MODO 501
  • MicroStation
  • SolidWorks 2011

Studio Environment Set 1 from 9b studios

SES 1 provides a variety of designed HDRI spherical images complete with ground planes for easily obtaining professional-quality studio lighting for product shots, engineering visualizations, advertising art, or packaging shots. It is designed for people who would like to be able choose studio/interior lighting setups but do not want to invest the time set to create custom lighting set-ups for each project. The artists at 9b studios have done the work for you. Typical users of SES 1 are architects, artists, industrial designers, engineers, packaging specialists or CAD visualization professionals.

selected SES 1 environments by The Foundry

Five of the 51 Environments included in SES 1.

selected SES 1 environments by The Foundry

You can use SES 1 with MODO, Bentley Systems MicroStation and Solidworks 2011.

The use of SES 1 in MODO is made easy be the inclusion of 51 included environment presets which can easily be swapped in to see various lighting schemes using MODO’s preview technology. These presets allow you to interactively control various aspects of these HDRI images on the fly.

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Studio Environment Set 1

51 high dynamic range (4000x2000 .hdr format) images that are spherically mapped for use as environmental lighting sources
Experience Level:
All Levels


Software Compatibility:
MODO 801, 701, 601, 501


Software Compatibility:
Bentley Systems MicroStation® V8i
SolidWorks® 2011 Professional
SolidWorks 2011 Premium
PhotoView (SolidWorks 2010)

Note: Your Kit will be available for download through your Registered Content page upon purchase.
The Kit is licensed to each individual and is not a studio-wide license.
SES 1 can be installed on Mac or Windows for use with MODO.
SES 1 can be installed on Windows only for use with MicroStation and SolidWorks / PhotoView 360.
video by The Foundry

SES workflow in MODO, which shows the environmental assembly preset that controls various aspects of supplied images to light, reflect and refract items in the scene.

Here are links to the product documentation for MODO (PDF, 33 MB), Bentley MicroStation (PDF, 28 MB), and SolidWorks PhotoView 360 (PDF, 28 MB).

“Uncompromised usability and flexibility is hard to achieve, unless you use SES 1. Finally there’s a way to embrace HDRI environments and have full creative control with them in the most artist-friendly way possible.”

– Gustavo Fontana, Industrial Designer

“The environment trackball in MODO is just amazing. A new way of getting greater control over the HDRI environments. These high quality HDRI environments will create stunning results.”

– Fredrik Stenson

MODO 501 image by Jan Ove Rust

Simple flat objects often prove difficult to light correctly. Here Jan Ove Rust uses an SES 1 lighting environment which shows off the detail of this MODO 501 model.

“Testing Yazan’s SES 1 pack on an old project... A few clicks and perfect lighting. Nice. :)”

– Jan Ove Rust

“The SES 1 is an incredible tool. I can light in no time, and render incredibly fast. I can light an image in one double-click! The render presets are amazing! So handy.”

– Nick Koudis

What is the relationship of SES 1 to SLIK?

The HDRI images that make up SES 1 were created using SLIK. SLIK is a separately available Kit from The Foundry that provides all the tools to you need in MODO to create your own unique lighting environments. SES 1 is a collection of ready to use image-based studio lighting environments crafted by the artists at 9b studios.

MODO 501 image by Jan Ove Rust

Jan Ove Rust chair rendering, created in MODO 501, uses an SES 1 environment to achieve a soft lighting effect.

MODO 501 image by Leif Magne Mariussen

Leif Magne Mariussen has selected an SES 1 lighting environment which subtly reflects the table legs on the floor surface.

MODO 501 image by Neil Hayes

Neil Hayes takes advantage of the lighting environments included in SES 1 to create a professional rendering of cutaway bearings.

MODO 501 image by Jan Ove Rust

Use SES 1 with MODO, Bentley Systems MicroStation and Solidworks 2011.

MODO 501 image by The Foundry

Translucent reindeer sculptures accentuated by a sophisticated lighting environment included in SES 1.

photograph by Yazan Malkosh

Meet Yazan Malkosh

Creator of the Studio Environment Set 1 Kit

Yazan Malkosh has deep MODO experience, having been a MODO trainer, beta tester, and active Forum member. He has over eight years of experience and resides in Amman, Jordon where he runs the production house, 9b studios. He is well known for his expertise in materials and lighting, beginning with his free Preset library for MODO 201 and continuing with his Architectural Interior Lighting Video Tutorial, SLIK Kit (Studio Lighting Illumination), PAD Kit (Product Automotive Design), Studio Environment Set 1 Kit, and Studio Environment Set 2 Kit titles for The Foundry.


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