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MODO image by Gene Dupont

PACK Kit (Package Design and Construction)

  • Compatible With
  • MODO 801
  • MODO 701
  • MODO 601
  • MODO 501

PACK Kit (Package Design and Construction)

The PACK Kit accelerates the design and visualization of packages in modo by helping package designers and CG artists circumvent the technical stumbling blocks involved in modeling and scene construction. The PACK Kit is a collection of over 200 presets, images and assemblies – a large library of packages and package components which can be modified and assembled to both visualize existing packaging – and to create totally new package designs.

modo 501 images by Yazan Malkosh

With the PACK Kit you can quickly create bags, wrappers, boxes, bottles, cans, cartons, tubes and tubs, and non-destructively develop new packaging concepts. PACK is far more than a simple collection of pre-built models; it’s a flexible framework for creating your own custom designs. Everything in the PACK Kit is a starting point. It’s up to you where you take it.

Introduction to the the PACK Kit Workflow

Video demonstration of PACK techniques to create custom packaging designs

Purchase the PACK Kit

Product Platforms Price
Package Design and Construction Kit $199.00

28 Base Shape Presets
35 Container Seal Presets
82 Pre-Built Packaging Models
53 Panel Presets
22 Texture Maps
11 Scene Assemblies
18 Tools
3 Project Tutorials (2 hours of video instruction)
Experience Level:
Intermediate knowledge of modo recommended
Software Compatibility:
MODO 801, 701, 601, 501 (SP1 or later)
Product Format:
Files delivered via electronic download
Videos are 1280 x 720 QuickTime (H.264)

  1. “I’m pretty much using the kit for all new package models, and upgrading my older models with it.”

    – Gene Dupont
    3D Illustrator and Package Visualizer

  2. Base Shape Presets

    Twenty-Eight Base Shape Presets are included in the PACK Kit

    PACK’s Base Shape Presets provide an easy starting point for most any package container. By utilizing the embedded morphs (form and volume variants) in these Base Shapes you can experiment with new designs or simply adjust parameters (e.g. shoulder scale) to match artwork provided to you by a client.

    Sample Base Shape Presets by The Foundry
  3. Container Seal Presets

    Thirty-five Container Seal Presets are included in the PACK Kit

    PACK contains a library of Container Seal Presets – different 3D shapes for sealing containers. Seals are often one of the most time consuming components of a package to create. With PACK you can quickly attach a seal to a container, or visualize a container with a number of different sealing methods. Alternatively, if the correct seal you want isn’t in PACK you can modify the provided samples to generate new seals, thus growing PACK further, and in a way that’s specific to you.

    Sample Container Shape Presets by The Foundry
  4. Pre-Built Packaging Models

    Eighty-two Pre-Built Packaging Models are included in the PACK Kit

    Many types of package are quite generic in nature so PACK also includes 82 Pre-Built Packaging Models including bags, wrappers, boxes, bottles, cans, cartons, tubes and tubs. These models are textured and UV’d so all you need to do is apply artwork and render, but of course they can also be used as starting points for new designs of your own.

    Sample Pre-Built Packaging Models by The Foundry
  5. Panel Presets

    Fifty-three Panel Presets are included in the PACK Kit

    Modeling folded boxes is often a very tricky business. PACK attempts to simplify it by providing a system of Panel Presets that can be snapped together to create 2D box templates complete with tabs. They include embedded morphs (shape variants) for changing key aspects of them and topology that allows you to create smooth SubD boxes that are easily folded.

    Sample Panel Presets by The Foundry
  6. Texture Maps

    Twenty-two Texture Maps are included in the PACK Kit

    Not all aspects of a package need to be modeled with polygons so PACK also provides a range of Texture Maps that can help in the visualization process. Included are crease maps, stencil maps and bump maps, which can be easily applied to models through modo’s preset browser. All presets in PACK are set-up to receive these maps easily with pre-defined UV maps.

    Sample Texture Maps by The Foundry
  7. Scene Assemblies

    Eleven Scene Assemblies are included in the PACK Kit

    When you’ve created a design you are going to want to see it rendered. To help you to get a good quality image quickly, PACK also includes eleven Scene Assemblies which are rigged so you can change lighting and other display parameters quickly.

    Sample Scene Scene Assemblies by The Foundry
  8. PACK Tools

    Eighteen Tools are included in the PACK Kit

    To help speed up the process of using this kit, PACK also includes a collection of focused Tools which can be accessed through a pop-over form. Included in the form are regular modo tools, macros and a number of scripts written specifically for PACK. These allow you modify the shape of your container and other perform other functions such as adding thickness to a container, and adding liquid volume. A Snapshot tool lets you save your work non-destructively at key points as you iterate a design.

    Pack Tools by The Foundry
  9. Video Tutorials

    Three full Project Video Tutorials are included in the PACK Kit

    To get you up to speed as quickly as possible, PACK also comes with nearly two hours of training videos, including three full project tutorials. These tutorials will get you up to speed on all of PACK’s features and will also help you to become familiar with modo’s general modeling workflow.

  10. Image Gallery

    See the different types of Packaging imagery you can create with the PACK Kit

    modo 501 image by Gene Dupont

    Visualizing packaging is made easier with the new Package Design and Construction Kit for modo 501 software. Image courtesy of Gene Dupont, 3D Illustrator and Package Visualizer.

  11. modo 501 image by Yazan Malkosh
  12. modo 501 image by Gene Dupont
  13. modo 501 image by Gene Dupont
  14. modo 501 image by Gene Dupont
  15. modo 501 image by Gene Dupont
  16. modo 501 image by Gene Dupont
  17. Tutorial Gallery

    The PACK Kit includes three real-world projects supported by nearly two hours of video instruction.

    Final result from one of three tutorials included in the PACK Kit.

  18. The toothpaste package is one of three project tutorials included in the PACK Kit.

  19. A final rendering upon completion of the toothpaste PACK Kit Tutorial.

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