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MODO image by The Foundry

Model Bashing Kit

  • Compatible With
  • MODO 801
  • MODO 701
  • MODO 601
  • MODO 501

Model Bashing Kit

The Model Bashing Kit is a collection of hundreds of pre-built meshes and images that supercharge modo for adding technical surface complexity or creating new objects that bristle with detail for your sci-fi, military or industrial visualization projects. With all of these presets at your command, you can quickly bash out your own creations that look like you spent days painstakingly modeling them. The Kit helps you to rapidly add realistic cockpit interiors and instrumentation panels for vehicles and control rooms, and also model sci-fi structures like spaceships and moon bases. Or you can use the Kit to craft clever user interfaces for indie games, get productive in modo in a fun way, or to create highly-detailed space art.

Purchase the Model Bashing Kit

Product Platforms Price
Model Bashing Kit $99.00

Model Bashing Kit


230 mesh presets. 90 image maps. Utility scripts for quickly arraying and matching details across a surface. 5 training videos which explain techniques for manipulating the assets and two project tutorials which guide you in creating a cockpit and a spaceship conduit.

Experience Level:

All levels

Software Compatibility:

MODO 801, 701, 601, 501

Product Format:

Videos are 1280 x 720 QuickTime (H.264).
All files delivered via electronic download.

Upon purchase your Kit and associated files will be available for download through your Registered Content page. The Kit is licensed to each individual and is not a studio-wide license. If you have a coupon code, please enter your code in the next step.

  1. modo image by The Foundry

    This Kit is your new secret weapon for creating technical detail and interesting structures.

  2. modo image by The Foundry

    This model was done over lunch, with a sandwich in one hand...

  3. modo image by The Foundry

    Cockpit instrumentation created using the Model Bashing Kit.

  4. Imagine being able to quickly lay out a cockpit or a control surface of your own design. You’ve got switch arrays, dials, digital displays, head up displays, throttles, joysticks and even an ejector seat. The Kit provides high and low polygon versions of many assets, as well as tools for baking your instrumentation into a lightweight image map that you can use again and again.

  5. modo image by The Foundry

    The Model Bashing Kit is more than just a collection of geometry. For convincing instrumentation, you need the textual information and display screens that bring the panel to life.

  6. modo screen shot by The Foundry
  7. modo image by The Foundry

    Create control surfaces in mere minutes with an arsenal of presets, plus tools that help you to produce rows and arrays of dials and switches.

  8. modo video by Andy Brown

    This model literally took less than 3 minutes to create using the Model Bashing Kit.

  9. modo image by The Foundry

    What kind of moon base would you create with the Model Bashing Kit?

  10. Many of the presets in the Kit were created by Jose Perez, whose credits include Star Trek Voyager, Battlestar Galactica and Serenity. This is a must have collection of modo building blocks that you can tear apart and join together to create futuristic structures of your own.

  11. modo screen shot by The Foundry

    Included in the Kit are tools that help you to position and array objects, manage materials, and most importantly a form that brings together all the major controls for baking various types of maps, making texture baking a one click process.

  12. Example of Using Model Bashing Kit

    modo screen shot by Brad Peebler

    “Setup took all of about 5 minutes. I created a Group item in modo and added 9 of the Kit mesh presets. Then I created a cube and with 16 polys (4x4) on each side. Using poly Bevel with some randomization I created the rough volume of the Borg Cube. Then I simply added a Surface Generator on the cube and a Replicator item. The Replicator uses the surface gen as the point source and the Group item as the source of the prototypes. This way it randomly selects each of the 9 kit greebles and slaps them onto the surface! I also quickly scaled all the mesh presets so they were roughly the same bounding area and then used the average and min spacing options on the Surface Generator to reduce the chance of overlaps. I added a few green point lights and voila! BORG ATTACK!Z “

    – Brad Peebler

    modo image by Brad Peebler
  13. The Foundry would like to thank everyone who contributed to this Kit, including: Instrumentation assets by Andy Brown, Space greebles by Jose Perez, Scripts by Gwynne Reddick, Radar images from VATEUR.

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