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Timelapse model can be found on my channel....

....not the end, of a lot of work in the modo 701 :)

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Cool. Very detailed.
very cool iv literally just been watching your videos on YouTube, when you retopologize your stuff how do you get rid of the blue verts and have your edges black?

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thanks you guys .....

Bri you can find it at Preferences\Colors\Topo

I found the time.....and I redid back of the helmet add some detail and detail of the front part....


awesome. plus.. the herbaliser makes everything look/sound cool :)
Bitmap thanks.... :)

....second character for Project Ren
......this is the basic form of the character

Timelapse I can be a little bit changed the shape of the head and added some details

I changed the shape a little bit and I think add a little fur....


New timelapse

....retopology in Modo 701 is not possible due to a bug, I was not able to try out new tools. I retopology in 601 version
I begin to detail and maybe some changes in the shape .....

medal for Luxology Gallery

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Hi all, some kind view of detail.....
Above the fur I'll still be working later...

New timelapse, texturing in MARI

Test render, not finished yet......

Very nice!
Thanks..... )