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I wanted to share my progress and also receive feedback. I'm using the rebus service for my final tests and renders. I'm very happy with the service!

I have to deliver 12 final renders for the client. Also this is a challenge to show my client that Modo could gave us same results and even better that 3Dmax and Vray. Because they use it on their pipeline, and they were a little scared of the idea of using something new.

I know I'm not the best ArchViz artist and i have so much to learn, thats why i wanted to share and receive feedback. I'm pretty sure I'm reaching the quality that my client needs.

Also the scenes are extremly hi to handle in terms of performance.

I can't wait longer to have 701 for this project :)

BTW: I'm Using 2 Assets from the share section!

WOW I just bought & Download my Modo 701 upgrade.

First thing i did; load the exterior scene and test the performance difference.

Yesterday I had a headache because performance issues with 601. "Thats what i ran in to buying my update LOL"

Im so happy, the performance issue has gone away. 701 handles the scene like if it was a 6 sided cube on 601 :)

Thanks Luxology!

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Those renders look great!
Thanks Tim!

I hope to upload more renders of my progress soon.

They look great!
I like it a lot too. I spotted the two meshes you used from the asset site! =)

I especially like the exterior scene, with the reflection of the sun in the windows.
I suppose you're going to tackle the background in the other pictures in post?

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Thanks Frederik

I suppose you're going to tackle the background in the other pictures in post?

That's the idea, I'm waiting for my client, he is supposed to give me some original photos that he took from the location.

Also I'll have to make some integration with an aerial Shoot that they're gonna shoot with a remote control helicopter.

That one is going to be very challenging because of all the trees and elements

Hope to receive a lot of feedback when I reach that point.

Nice renders!


render config:
Intel Core i7-5820K@4.4GHz, MSI X99S MPOWER, 64GB DDR4 + Intel Core i7-3930K@4.4GHz, ASUS P9X79 WS, 64GB DDR3

Quote from mytrixx :
Nice renders!

Thanks Mytrixx!

It would be great to have some feedback from you.


Nice renders!

You could try to get a little more natural feeling to it by moving and rotating the chairs and stuff around slightly.
In real world scenarios they are never perfectly straight lined up in arrow.
Also try to smooth your reflections on the floor a little especially in the bedroom scene which btw is the best render out of those...

You might also tune down your DOF settings a little. They seem to be a bit too strong. And be aware of the scale of the textures so they fit real world dimensions.

Well and have a look at mytrixx renders in terms of details. He is a true master in detailing his interior scenes with lots of little items and details.

Other than that. They look great. I especially like the colors...

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Hi sicknifikant!

Thanks for you're feedback!

I'll take into account all your suggestions.