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Modo 601 beta work.

How it was made:

Concept sculpt and Retopo

Image sculpted details

I sculpted the asymetry on the face later using morph map.


Hair-fur work, Hair styles

I rendered the final hair using the new Hair Material.
I'm not satisfied with the hair, I'll try to make a better looking version.

Skin shading tests

Final skin shading

I created a simple face rig for posing.

Render passes

I composited the final image in Photoshop, the chromatic aberration effect was done in modo using Takumi's Toy Camera Kit.

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looks super cool. great job! the only thing that destroy the whole picture is her hair on a shoulder, this looks synthetic.
Could you please post your fur settings (shape/guide/clump settings etc)

Great image, and thank you for all the progress images!
Very nice! Thanks for detailed breakdown!

Igor K.

Beautiful character work brought down again by Modo's subpar hair rendering. It breaks up way too much and is full of noise.

Love the eyes. That's a really tough area to get right, and hers look alive.

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Great looking image and incredibly informative post. Thanks!
Very informative and detailed post. Thx for that!

Oh, and great model. I agree on the hair not being quite there, though. Not that I could do better ;-)

Great work

Carlos Puebla //Sculptor
Technical Artist

Very nice work, Trurl!
You made me want to experiment with the skin shader again. Thank you for beaking it down.

Szep munka! :)
The hair won't look perfect, but if you give the material it's own shader, and set it to 0.1 --- or maybe even 0.01 -- the hair will look smoother, and not have as many speckles in it. Don't drive up the AA setting because it won't help that much.

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This really is quite stellar. Beautiful!!

Lots of maps but very good result. really nice, congrats!

Thank you for your replies.

NikitaFedorenko, adrencg: Everything was set to the the most optimal setting because of the render time (hair shader, AA) but the hair is still not the way I wanted it. I'll adapt it and try to make it more lifelike in 701.

Emma Becket:
The hair settings:

The braid settings:

Zoltan Pogonyi: I'm glad I gave you a good mood for experimenting with the skin shader. :)

The critical settings in the hair rendering are not in the panels you showed us...try the material shader setting I mentioned and see if that makes it look cleaner.
It`s top notch work for me :)

Could you tell me how did you build Diffuse amount layer? Is this bump map, topology based or random grain values? This layer is one big question mark for me ;)

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Can you describe how you did the eyes? Did you you use a lens over a concave iris? What are the refraction settings of the lens? Any SSS one the eyeball sclera?
Marcin Bartoszewski: I created the Diffuse Amount layer by baking the Concavity Type Occlusion. The final result is a map where the indents of the fine details are darker, similiarly to a cavity map generated in ZBrush.

adrencg: The refraction of the cornea and the anterior is set to phisically accurate values. Behind the iris, there is a concave light absorbing surface in place of the lens. The eye has SSS. Using this solution can achieve an optimal result, with regard to render time/lifelikeness.
Excellent work. Workings images and information are appreciated as well.

Thanks you so much for posting the image breakdowns. I'm new to 3d and the breakdown helps.

I don't understand a lot of what's going on but maybe in due time. LOL.

Very inspiring.
Great work! That skin shader work is awesome! I agree about the hair not looking too convincing.


marcotronic - digital artist + music composer

This is looking pretty cool... did you paint the textures in Photoshop or directly in Modo? If in Modo, how did u export it to photoshop?

Dreams are what keep me going... never stop.

Absolutely amazing work.
I envy your skills.
Thanks for breaking it down, I learned a lot.
The eyes and the skin are just breathtaking and I really want to see how you solve the hair.

Envy for me too, making characters ain't easy, and this post proves it!

Excellent work!


Thanks for posting all your work, huge help.
Eyes and mouth are very impressive. Nice work!

Thanks for sharing.
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