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Due to work commitments, it has been a while since I have been able to play with Modo. I just updated to Modo 601 and so I was looking for a project to try out the cool new features.This is my model of a steampunk motorbike. Its very similar to an existing design I found on the web but I aim to add my own touches to it as I progress.
Looks really cool so far! A little visual inspiration that might make it look unique would be to look at these anime titles. Howells moving castle, Samurai 7, and Last exile. some of the objects in these might inspire you a bit. Keep it up!
Thanks asguardviking I will check out those titles. Here are a couple of updates added including the rear brake disks
some people were born with the skill of modeling; And you my friend are one of them. Nice modeling. :)
beautiful bike apart from the devilish brakes. Wish it were mine..
Wondering why the spikes in the wheels seem to flow in de direction of
the turning of the wheels. I would expect them in opposite direction...

Your design`s interesting. I like it a lot.

Thankyou guys. I tried the wheels both ways and still cannot decide which way I prefer them. I have many more details to add but I was dying to see this thing with materials on so here is a quick test render.

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oh yea. :)
I think this is cool but, with respect, I see no steam punk. This is far too modern, in every way. Look up 1800's Victorian industrial stuff on google.
Awesome modeling, especially on the wheels and the brake discs.
cool i like it :)
Okay, I'll have one. Where can I order it? Only need a place to
rest my boots when driving this monster...

An absolute corker of a model, congrats.

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