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Topic - M4A3 Sherman 76W

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Ive been working on this model for a while on and off. I hope to get the modeling done soon and than off to texturing.

Very slick modelling job Mike.
Wow that's an awesome model. I assume you've seen Rich and Michael Blackbourn's tank animation? You should consider rigging this badboy up :).
Thanks guys for the comments.

I really really would like to rig this model up and maybe done some animation at some point. Ive already picked up the Rigging master course and have been going threw the videos.

All I know is WOW this is going to be a beast to rig up. :(
Super model Mike, I'm sure the texturing will be just as awesome!
Thanks a bunch Dieter.

I still have the turret to finish than Im going to try a few things in Zb before texturing starts. Hopefully that wont take to long.
This model is looking good Mike. I've built one too. Have you considered using recoil to animate the tracks? I'm trying to using hinges but cannot get the track loop closed for some reason.
Thanks pilf.

I really havent though about using recoil that would be inreresting. If it would work.

Very nice work by the way pilf :)

Hopefully soon I will have some updated pic soon.

Looking pretty good! how many polys so far?..
A mesh image would be interesting. Perhaps the actual monument i photographed is an older model but the wheels of the carriages are different from your model.

Thanks Initiative Im looking at around 832,000 standred polys. A little under 4 mill subd.

Pilf, They made a bunch of differnt versions and placements of the road wheels ect over the course of the war. This model is more towards later in the war.

Heres a few wire frame images for you all.

Heres a quick update its pretty much done modeling at this point. I have a few ideas I have in mind as far as a scene goes. Which is soon on its way.

But first shes got to get some paint :) Im thinking about giving the Mari demo a work out and see what comes of it.. Stay tuned


Lovely model!
You guys never cease to amaze me, Wow! Congrats.
Excellent modelling Mike, be interested to hear how you got on with Mari.
Thanks guys for the comments.

Heres a quick render on the start of texturing. Im not totally happy with it yet, But its a start. Any Mari experts out there tips such are welcome.

Hows things going over there Kev ?
Everything is good Mike. I'm still tinkering away on many of those half finished models. Working on a my F4F Wildcat at the moment, creating radial engines is a lot of work and research.

Nice start on the tracks.
Nice to hear Kev. Yes I know what you mean ,I have plenty half finished models myself.

Im making some major changes on the textures after watching a few more Mari tut`s.

Maybe I can get something Im happy with soon. There`s a few things Im trying to nail down as far as workflow goes with Mari, All in time I suppose.By the way its a great program so far.
wow!!! incredible modelling my friend

Will keep my eye on this thread
Hey Mike, nice work man!

When you start rigging this badboy up make sure to post your progress on the Rigging and Artic section of the Forums.

I can give you some pointers with the treads based on what I figured out with the Panther. Might be convinced to share some of the rigging with you to dig through... anyway, great work man.... now lets get this things moving :)

That's impressive!

What kind of trouble are you having with Mari?
Hey guys thanks for the comments.

Well Rich, I think I will gas this baby up and send it your direction for the rigging :). But on the serious side tips and any help would be super cool. Maybe we can get together on skype and see what the best approach would be.

Tim, Really I havent had any major problems just a differnt workflow from what Ive been accustomed to with photoshop. One of which was getting the bump and spec layers out of Mari. And really trying to get a good feel for what both maps would look like in modo without going threw the baking and saving process. Besides that its really been quite fun so far.

Ok, Ive went back and touched up textures on the tracks, Enjoy. Now on to the next parts :)

Nice model; thanks for the inspiration. I've always been fascinated by tanks, and hope to do a Tiger model in modo, when I'm feeling ambitious.

Quote from Mike Jagodzinski :
Hey guys thanks for the comments.

Well Rich, I think I will gas this baby up and send it your direction for the rigging :). But on the serious side tips and any help would be super cool. Maybe we can get together on skype and see what the best approach would be.

I don't have much skype time but feel free to post things up in the Rigging section and I can work with you there... share ideas and rigging things I have figured out in regards to tanks and treads.

I actually have a Sherman model that I was using for testing recoil with... for tread dynamics but ran out of time (training update and all). I came to the conclusion that rigging the treads is still the best way to go... and then use dynamics for track shaking and reacting to the ground and all that.

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