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This has probably been done to death before but I am trying to build a photorealistic earth based on NASA's Blue Marble images.

So far I have ground and clouds working well, but I am having some problems with the atmospheric Fresnel and the glow - I'll keep working on it!

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I now have a fresnel layer and a nimbus more tweaking still needed.

Any feedback welcome!

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Andrew, too am trying to model the earth. For the life of me I can not figure out how to put the cloud layer on. It is just white clouds and black background...can I ask how you did your cloud layer? Your second render looks crisper but I can not see the shadow cast by the clouds on the surface of the Earth. Did you use a bump map for the earth's surface?

Peace Greg

Hi Everybody,


Here is a link to an old thread that has a file attached. It shows a procedural planet. It might be worth taking a look at.
Eric Williams' Procedural Planet