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I've been working on his little guy off and on for a while and I thought I'd share.

I'm pretty proud of the clay rendered I was about to get from "MODO". I now have a master scene so I can just quickly have nice renders of my high polys.

Also here is a turn around I don't think Gifs. play in the gallery.

Baneling from Starcraft
Sculpted in Zbrush, Rendered in Marmoset, Painted in 3DCoat, Low poly retopoed in Topogun

Modo was used for Uvs, Base mesh creation, Some baking, & tweaks.

Based on a concept by Luke Mancini
nice work. That clay render is awesome. Pretty sure I saw this over on Polycount too?

Do you have Modo 601? If so you should give the retopology tools a go on the next sculpt :)

good job!
Nice work. Dig the clay render. Is it just me, or is doing clay renders in modo really easy and fun :)

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Next time render it with un pre-multiplied alpha's so you don't get that while edge around your dude...

Thanks guys,

coots7: I did post this guy over at polycount so it might have seen it. I've tried the retopo tools in 601 and they are pretty nice, I'm just faster at topogun.

fattkid: The Render previewer oh man its just too awesome, makes everything very easy!

Kabab3d: Thanks for the tip I will do that next time!
+1 for the quality of clay render! nice work!

Igor K.

Really cool stuff, love the clay shader !
Loving your stuff, Little_Spoon. Kinda makes me wonder what you could do with some Cryx designs. =D
Thanks guys!

Cryx are pretty cool, maybe in the future I'll give it a try :)
Keep having to come back and look at these renders!
Lovely model and character design and great renders to, I really like your clay render that looks gorgeous.
Also loving that green material you got on the colour versions, makes you feel like you want to grab it and stick you fingers in!

Great work fella!


Nice! very clean work on this beast, are you planning some animation with new modo features?
Great job! Maybe I misunderstood, did you do the clay render in modo?
Thanks again guys!

Jan Jinda, I would love to, but I just don't think I have time.. other projects are waiting :)

Jonj Heh sorry about that, yes the clay render was done entirely in modo
Great work, very inspiring!

Grotesque! Absolutely grotesque! Well done!
Grotesque! Absolutely grotesque! Well done!
Hey! Big StarCraft fan here. Your Baneling looks really amazing :) Great work!