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Just posting one of the latest finished project.

The interesting thing about it is that I have used almost only replicators for that - all the buildings are constructed in 3D using about 14 modules, which were then replicated using point clouds with particle transform maps. It allowed for VERY easy and fast changes, while architects were working on building design.

I'm not to happy with the trees, but for the next project will do better ones ;) Grass is photoshopped - I was working on C2D laptop on this, while my main machine was in service.

Off-topic: can't wait to see 701 enhancements in handling really big and complicated scenes... ;)


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Good job

pomyslowo z tymi particlami, musze sie pobawic
Good job. Nice to see another viz from PL done in modo :)
Great Job Jarek, I am very impressed. I am glad I was able to see this in the beginning before it looked AMAZING!
Thanks guys :)
Particles and replicators are GREAT time savers. Thanks to them, I modeled this in one evening :) Also the changes (you know the architects...) were very easy to do.
Amazing work as usual Jarek!


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This is beautiful. I love the light. Is this done with HDR? Can you tell me a little bit about how you did the lighting?

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great job, Jarek! would you post a video of your work flow?
Looks great, like always.
Great work Jarek! Excellent usage of replicators.
Naprawde bardzo ladne rendery. Gratulacje ! Fajnke widziec super projekty zrobine przez rodaka.
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