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Hello everyone,

I'd like to share my latest personal project.
I wanted to practice sculpting and texture painting. And test MARI combined with modo.
And since I love elephants... well this is the result.

Modo for base mesh, basic sculpting, retopology, replicating plants and rendering.
ZBrush for fine sculpting displacement maps.
MARI for painting all other maps (color, dirt, ...)

- I had a blast and modo is THE BEST
- MARI is fantastic
- I still hate the user interface of ZBrush ;-)

Thanks for watching!
Epic, bravo!


render config:
Intel Core i7-5820K@4.4GHz, MSI X99S MPOWER, 64GB DDR4 + Intel Core i7-3930K@4.4GHz, ASUS P9X79 WS, 64GB DDR3

Absolutely beautiful! Great job!
Wow! Fantastic work.

Industrial Strength 3d

WOW! Full of awesomeness....
Very impressive work Alberto!

Win10 Pro 64/Core i7-975 3.33GHz/12GB RAM/GTX 670 2GB/2x1920x1200
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Fantastic !!!!!!!!
WOW... great!
Quote from nacktschneck :
WOW... great!

Very nice! And I can use the tusks for that Piano model that someone presented here a few weeks ago.
Sweet Jesus thats amazing.

You should do a making of!

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Just amazing!

You just raised the bar!!!!

(Damn it.)

Really inspiring work. Thanks.
Really amazing work.
I love hefalumps too.
Pachyderms rule - So do you!

Beautiful image Al.
nice one!
Great lighting and nice textures. The trunk's displacement is pretty strong...however the textures look real. And did I say good lighting? :) Beautiful render.
That's great! Well done!
Very good stuff, so you care to post some mari WIP shots? Interested to know how well these programs integrate.
Great work !!
Very Photorealistic! Great work!
This is lovely. Thank you.

I'd love to see some Mari WIP images too.
Hi everyone,

many thanks for your great comments!

As some of you requested, here are some WIP images:

- some MARI screenshots:

- a few exported image maps:

- and a modo preview after applying the maps (as displacement, color, diffuse amount, and so on...)

Great! Thanks for those.
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