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Creation of a mood scene into the French 70's gangsters life
Very nice! Those are one of the best looking cars of all time!

Ivan Malek

Cheers guys. The DS is very nice car to light and full of stories.
WHOAW! my favorite car in a very well modeled scenery.
(the HY is nice but the DS is wonderful)
Très bien fait!


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Cool.. Le Samoraï is a must watch
Very nice!! I love how the image tells a beautiful story, even without the inclusion of human models!!

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Thx guys for this nice comments. If you like old french gangster movies i recomand you borsalino and co still with Alain Delon. Nice reference.

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Cristi de belle image, de quoi être super Fier!

Excellent work! Very inspiring scene!

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Lovely painterly look, could be the cover of a roman noir from the 60s.
Job well done i like the mood of the scene, time period is different but first thing that comes to my mind is "Ronin" France, Bar etc. ;)

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Oh peuchére beau travail mec !!! je suis assez fan de la DS.
Thank you all, guys, much appreciated. The amazing DS model has been done by Yann Goument.

Lovely image making, and the video made me smile.

Beautiful. I like the video too. Trés bon!
Excellent travail!! Félicitation!!

Stephane Payette

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Nice work!
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Thx again, guys.
Un petit mot pour les francophones : merci les gars, ca fait super plaisir.
I will upload some wip images later today.

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Gallery updated with some wip.
Really great use of light here.
Nice work!