Hi, this is a concept that i made just for fun.
Good. More please :)


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I like it, especially the texturing!
This looks awesome. The texturing is great and the design is bad***. Are you going to do a full body?

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its awesome! nice texture work and materials, lighting really shows off the model too. cool robot
Looking good, I like the design.
That's cool. Nice details....

Do the whole body!
Really nice!
Very Nice Daniel!
Love it!
Quote from Daniel Oliveira :
Hi, this is a concept that i made just for fun.

Nice that you made it just for fun it.. It shows what creative skills you have on 3D modeling ! Cool ! I think that if you create something not just for fun you could create army of 3D robots and rule the world :D :):):)
Hi folks! Thanks for the comments, now i´m modeling in clay, making a few changes on the original concept. I´m still blocking the character.
The first idea was a robot. When i start to make in clay, i think that a suit is kind a nice idea, i made changes on the project.
Wonderful model and render! any chance we can see some wireframes?
Great! did you paint the maps in Modo?
Love the way the texturing reacts to and plays with the light.
Thanks guys! Victor, I paint the textures on photoshop. I´m still working on a clay model, making a little changes to make more interesting.

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Amazing work. In fact, I would love this on a giant canvas in our office!

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