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Hey all. Just a sample piece I did to play with the painting in 601... definitely improved and I think I might be doing more of it in Modo than photoshop. The skin is made up of multiple layers of painting for bump, veins, spots, variation and color.

That is awesomely creepy.

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Creepy indeed!
But still fantastic to look at!

Haha! Funny AND gross! Superbly weird!
Hi Mike

You should one video tutorial some day :) uau

You have some great talent but it's noticeable that you are also a PS MASTER :)
awesome. and then some.

Dude that is NASTY... in a really great way :)
Haha! a "what the fu.." first popped up when i saw the image. :D that's great! clearly odd but i like it. Nicely done although bizarre. :)

/ Magnus


reminds me of the Rubber Johnny DVD cover..

sooooooo nice... the veins are difuse map or it is sss?
modo painting can do THAT?? Amazing.

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Good idea, but very creepy, what do you think?

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Ha, ha. Thanks everyone, yeah it is gross and creepy... but that was kind of the intent!

Quote from Andeciuala :
sooooooo nice... the veins are difuse map or it is sss?

It is actually a diffuse map painted and set to overlay. I first painted in some white brush strokes for the bump of the veins, then went back and created another map with just blue tones over the same areas as the bump.

thanks again everyone!

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jesus christ man!
This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in this forum.
please show us about the process! about how it's done.

absolutely nice work Mike! have no better words for that... whish i had... great!!!

Damn that's just freaky Mike!

Incredible job with this - Super-realistic looking.

Disturbingly awesome image.
not sure you'll get a shout out on this one ! lol

but I like it... and would reallllllllly like to see further breakdown of the process ! please.

great job Mike. Can you share some settings?
tnx you