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Hey everyone!!!

Here is a not so new project that I can finally share with you guys!

I created this chimpanzee with Eduardo Baroni for DMC propaganda to a Goodyear Ad.

We created a few different body poses of the chimp using funny props as hats and gloves. I was responsible for the modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, fur styling and post production of the Chimp. Eduardo Baroni did the rigging, post production of the chimp and also modeled, textured and shaded the props. The tires and the candle are photos. The head wasn`t rigged. Since the character was always smiling, the facial expressions were modeled and the different expressions were just tiny adjustments we did to the mesh.

I started modelling on Zbrush, then went back to modo to do the topology and UVs, went back to ZB to do the fine details on the head, hands and feet. Then I jumped to mari to paint the textures, went back to modo to do the shading, fur and rigging of the body, lighting and final render. Finally I used photoshop to do some fine adjustments to the fur, color corrections and integration with the photos of the tires.

Oh, and we also did a simple video showing the process of creation of this guy. For some reason I can`t load the video in the gallery above, so here`s the link:

Hope you like it!!!

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Looks impressive!

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superb !

Beautiful work.
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Gorgeous work!

I love the expressions.

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Really stunning work!

Thanks for sharing the "making of" video!
wow , that's great ... the hair looks fab
Stuffing awesome!
Good grief that's some amazing work! I think that's the best fur I've ever seen done in MODO but pretty much everything is beautifully executed....Bravo!
My passion for 3D remains inspired by such beautiful work.

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modo brought us together.

ok !!!!!!
one of the best ever.
Gorgeous & impressive! Wow.

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Loving the fur!
Nice work, good to see heavy MODO usage :)
Just awesome. Well done.
if you show that chimp to 100 people, 110 will say is real. (Both of them the baby is perfect too)

Amazing work, thank you for sharing the making video.
Great work! :)
Amazing, just plain amazing!
Wow, stunning!
Can't really add much more to what others have said, but this is just incredible! Great job.
Good job! Really good job :)
Its always an event when your work lands in the forums and its always the highest standard in the community

And I love that your video starts with pencil studies on paper

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