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I've coveted this little tool for so long! Unfortunately, the Windows partition of my Mac got corrupted (after updating a video card) and I was never able to resolve it -- so this little tidbit on the support page totally made my day:

"OSX support for Toolbag will be arriving with the release of Toolbag 2.0."

If that's still case, it'll be the easiest purchase I've made in years.
Whoever buys it now, will v.2 be a free upgrade ?
Quote from rcallicotte :
Anyone? What is the main difference in usefulness between Octane and Marmoset? If the Toolbag is a completely different animal, can someone explain briefly how it's different? My $$ is in short supply and I might want this, if I can't already do what I believe I can in Octane.

I have got Marmoset Toolbag and Octane.

I think Octane is render engine which is using GPU power but you should have few cards for realtime rendering. I think it`s using only CUDA (scalable) and GPU It`s more accurate and more "real" but it also has got own time needed for calculate. It`s better for big scenes when you would like to get final render quality. Time of rendering/ calculation will be also considerable.

Marmoset 1 is sweet small and powerfull tool which is using all graphic card features (DirectX) in the same way as game engines. I think idea was to show 3d objects in the same enviroment as in game engines.

But now in 2013 game engines are not far in quality area from final renderings from render engines so Marmoset will have new possibility for using. For fast rendering with no need of using many video cards. Marmoset has got also real time post effects. It`s amazing tool for showing your work. Toolbag 1 has got only normals and displacement but 2.0 will have vector displacement :) and will handle large scenes in more easy way (as they wrote). Now meshes could be animated but I havent used that.

I hope that in new Toolbag will has got possibility for import camera movement and possibility of apply *.mdd into the mesh. It would change that tool into a real time rendering engine for those who feel the quality of game engines is enough.

It`s not the same but it shows way of thinking for future.

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Marcin, thank you very much! This is very, very useful information and will definitely influence what I do. I'm going now to check out the site again. :)
But the thing is, does anybody knows when Toolbag 2.0 is going to be released?
I have a couple of models ready for texturing ;)
getawesome13 user wrote on polycount forum:

"We are looking into supporting camera data and baked animation data from Alembic and/or FBX, but we are quite certain that any such support will not be a Day 1 feature."

I think that he is represent of Marmoset and it`s official statement.

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Speaking of features for 2.0, I sent an email to Mark Doeden with a suggestion to think about someday including the ability to use Substances (you know, from Substance Designer?). Here was his response.

Thanks for the suggestion! In fact, we have already integrated Substance support in our next major release of Toolbag, version 2.0. It will not however be added to our current release. Toolbag 2.0 will be releasing later this year, closer to the holiday season. Exact date is not yet set.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks again!

OMG!!! (me)

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I'm buying it Today. I sent an email to Mark inquiring about pricing and he replied:

Hey Miguel,

Toolbag 2.0 will be a paid upgrade for any current Toolbag 1.x licensees, although making the upgrade will require a lesser fee than the full retail price of Toolbag 2.0. Once 2.0 is released, all point releases will remain to be free updates (i.e. 2.01, 2.02, etc.) just as they were with version 1.x.


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Also, for those who don't follow Marmoset in facebook:

"Marmoset Co: Toolbag 2.0 has introduced support for loading multiple meshes, lights, and cameras for setting up and managing a full scene. Also, with significant performance improvements for working with high polygon meshes (millions of polys) and new support for up to 8k textures, large scenes are much more feasible."
Cool, cgisoul. More information is better and I wondered about the upgrade - thanks!
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