Several years ago, I created a 3d model of a violin. I've decided to release this model under a Creative Commons License.

Those of you who are interested in computer graphics and/or 3d-printing may find it useful. I'm hoping someone takes the model and makes a beautiful render out of it.

btw, the mesh topology of the 3d violin is horrid. I know. (It was auto-tesselated from NURBS and sub-d by Electric Image Modeler.) And the violin itself has some flaws in shape and detail. I hope to fix that sometime in the future.

Feel free to use the geometry as-is, or to modify/retopologize it. If you do, please share your new and improved version.

Download (.zip of .obj and .stl)

The original model was created years ago in Electric Image Modeler. I'm hoping to fix it up in Modo, and do some texturing/rendering in the future.

Suggestions, ideas, critiques are welcome.


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