Topic - MAGROUND free HDRI & backlplates giveaway


here is a free giveaway from the new image archive for landscapes, cities and roads:

A free set of HDRI with 8 backplates from downloadable with this link:

The ZIP file is 530MB in size.

We would be really delighted to see some of your work using these images. The best 5 of them would be posted with their name and website in our news section and mentioned in our newsletter and blog. (

The only catch is you must put the following text on every image which is published (all printed media and internet):

HDRI and Backplate from
copyright 2010 MAGROUND

It would be great if you can email us your final images, telling us which tools you used. Also we would appreciate if the image you send in is minimum 5000pixel wide (or native size of the backplate). You can post them also here for discussion if you like to.

To email your final images or If you have any problems in downloading the images please send us an email to

I can't believe nobody reacted on this.

Any chance of a re-run?

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

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I think it was posted over on cg-cars too, so I downloaded using same link but from diff forum:)