Topic - 'infinite' option on slice tool

a simple check box on the slice tool to extend the slice to infinity, irrespective of how short you drag out the handles.

currently, the slice tool only slices to the extent of the slice line that you drag out.


yes a simple check box... for all the people who are used to it..
Could also work if the tool had a 'middle' point handle that could be slid around, then you could drag out where you want the cut, and use the middle alignment point to snap to geometry to adjust the angle.

Pivot of the tool would be the first point you click from.

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"infinite" option would be great. Is there another way to do the infinite cut?

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A clever idea. I like it!
that would be a useful tweak.
SOLVED by "Takumi"

see "SliceEx" at

Thanks Takumi !!

great script !!
modo needs to add this infinity function still though takumi's script is great for the meantime.
this is something I often struggle with... +1 for infinite checkbox

Ivan Malek

I have just shared THIS based on that kit created by Takumi.

Thanks again for creating this, Takumi-san! (I tried to write a comment in your blog but it gave an error, not possible…)

Cristóbal Vila