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I found this Python tutorial and figured I'd pass it on because I thought it was very well done and to the point. It's for beginners.

Python Tutorial

If anyone has any good links to Python tutorials, tips, advice on learning Python etc they would like to share please post them. I can use all the help I can get. =)


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Thank you

I would love to learn some scripting/programming language so that I could make my own modo stuff but I don't know if python might be a full time job no???

Python is easy to learn.

Or should I say... the amount of Python you need to know to start scripting in Modo is easy to learn.

Hi again

I'm trying to start to play a bit with python but I have some beginner question please:

1- What editor do you use ? If I use my default apple editor I doesn't allow me to save in *.py format because he always ads .txt in the end I think.

2-Does that editor that you use allows to run python scripts directly???

3-I saw some youtube video and the user was using this APP called textwrangler what do you think???

Any other tips??

OK I just saw this Python (for mac) video in youtube , seems the best I'm seen so far, is this what the experts recommend?


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