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Update December 23, 2013 • Version 1.4

— Icons are defined using the new 'Icons Grid' structure introduced with Modo 701. This means a better file management: Modo does not import a lot of small PNG files, one for each icon. There are just 2 'grid image' files now, one for medium icons (20 pixels) and one for large icons (32 pixels).

— I provide an alternate old version, compatible with Modo 601, but I won't update this, sorry.

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Hi guys,
Some time ago I “discovered” an impressive tool by SENECA MENARD (one more...) a script named “” that you can access through a pie-menus combo stored in “sen_moveToFurthest.CFG”. This great stuff is available HERE.

In the other hand, I have used since long time ago another great script by ARIEL CHAI aka SVARTBERG named “” that is based on a previous script by ALLAN KIIPLI. This great stuff is available HERE. Simply put: I can not work with Modo without this great add-on.

And then, I have put together both scripts, side by side with some other direct access to a bunch of regular Modo tools, creating some custom icons.

And since I find this stuff really useful for me, I want to share with you.


>>> Download Eterea Super Aligners 1.4 <<< Compatible with Modo 701 and up

>>> Download Eterea Super Aligners 1.3 <<< Compatible with Modo 601



1. After downloading this stuff, translate the “eterea_aligners” folder to your Modo Scrips folder.

2. Open Modo.

3. Go to Menu System > Form Editor, open the “Forms” and search for “ETEREA Super Aligner” Form.

4. Right Mouse Button over it and choose “Assign to Key…”

5. Choose your shortcut. I have chosen ALT-< (it's a good option on a Spanish keyboard, not sure on an English one… anyway it's your election)

6. Now search for “ETEREA Straight Aligners” Form, very near.

7. Right Mouse Button over it and choose “Assign to Key…”

8. Choose your shortcut. I have chosen ALT-SHIFT-<

9. Close the Form Editor.

10. Enjoy.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: I have now included both the “” script by Seneca Menard and “” by Ariel Chai to make it easy to share this as a KIT.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: if you have any of these scripts separately installed on your system, then you can delete that files from my kit.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: Seneca, Ariel, if you do not like the idea of your scripts being included with this kit, then drop me a note and I will remove then immediately. No problem at all on my side. I was just trying to make it easier for other users ;-)


ETEREA MODO RESOURCES · You will find there all my shared tools and kits, with information in English and Spanish


Cristóbal Vila

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Consider your self being a hero! Great stuff!
Good job guys :)
just a note: If you download the alignPoints script it's not named correctly and you will get an error. The correct name is
Thanks for your warning Robert! :-)

I had this script named as “” on my HD since years ago. But, as you pointed, downloading the “alignPoints 2.01” script from Ariel's site, the file is called simply “” once it's unzipped (not sure if I renamed that file or what...?)

I have updated the etereaXYZaligners.CFG to call this “” script, instead of “” (no need to rename the script file itself once you donwload it). Sorry for this mess...

The first post is updated and fixed, I think.

If you detect some other faults or problems, please drop a note here.


Cristóbal Vila
Great stuff Cristóbal, thank you very much !

- - Modo Forum in French
Twitter : @modofr

Thank you for sharing, my number keys 6 and 7 finally have something important to do :)

Thanks Eterea, so much this is going to be a real time saver.

I am not quite clear on how you I looked at all of the form thinking there was an "Align" command that was copied to the vertex viewport for bypassing the extra click, but I am unable to figure out what you put in Modo Tools/vertex form to get the "Align" as shown in you pic of your straight aligners.

Could you tell me how to do this.

Glad you like these utilities, guys.

I'm sorry, Wes, but I don't understand your question... :-/

Cristobal Vila
Sorry I left something out, don't know what is moved into "Modo tools" viewport to get this.
Wes: that interface (where you handwrite the “HOW?”) is the standard Align Tool present in Modo 501 (as you can read on my first post, this is NEW to 501, it's not present in 401, just in case, if you are not using 501)

My Straight Aligner PopOver is an alternate way to access to these same tools, in a direct way, avoiding intermediate clicks, dropping menus, toggling “uniform” checkbox... Only that.

Cristobal Vila

ok thanks for the clarification
Good work, Cristóbal!
Video:distribute by items

there is japanese script named can do distribute by items. but that don't work very well for me :(
hope Eterea can make this tool work.
Thanks for your “faith” on me, Wennino, but my scripting skills are near zero :-))

Apart from this, of course, the script you refer seems a killer tool. I did'n knew it.

I have investigated and you can download from HERE or HERE (it seems the seem version to me, looking at code).

The “negative” part: it doesn't work for me on 501 (not tested on 401)

Maybe some other scripters here could download it and make a try?. Or even Takumi, the creator is reading this? :-)

I will try to drop a note in his blog.
Thanks for the notice, Wennino.

EDIT: some other interesting script videos by Takumi HERE

Cristóbal Vila

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Eterea I was inspired by your icons and I did something fun.
I use Modo 401 so I cannot use the "straight aligner icons" palette.

But Seneca did a very famous script called "SuperTaut". It is similar to "straight align" so I use that instead of yours.
He arranged his script in a piemenu without icons.
Every time I use Supertaut I forget the meaning of all the commands.
So I arranged super taut to be a palette like yours with icons!

This is what I get. It was inspired by your idea so I hope you like it.

Image is here (Sorry, no preview)
Great work, Jeegrobot :-)
Maybe you would share here with other Modo users?

As a side note: creating icons and customizing Modo is something really addictive (easy, funny and extremely useful) :-)

Cristóbal Vila
If someone is interested I can share. It's just a few icons and a cfg file.
I don't know if I should ask permission to Seneca...I think I should.
Do you askes permission to him for your plugin?
Well, Jeegrobot, to be sincere I didn't asked for permission to Seneca to share my icons and palettes. I hope he doesn't feel bother for this :-/

In fact I don't re-distribute his scripts (on this case and with my UV palette, I include a link to download his scripts directly form his post).

In the other hand I include the debt credits to the original authors when something is not done directly by me.

I sincerely hope that nobody feel aggrieved with this attitude :-/

Cristóbal Vila

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ok, thanks
Just downloaded and look forward to using these! I am having issues with getting the .png images to show up on the mapped menus. Any suggestions? On 501, on a Mac.
Problem solved. Thought the Eterea Super Aligners were the Super Tools. Now I realize this is a precursor to the Super Tools. I was confused by the 201, thinking they were released way back for modo 201 and were being updated.

For those who may be confused in the future... refer to this thread.

Nice pack and great installation instructions as usual! I really liked the UV tools.

So uhm... I have a question. How does the Seneca MoveToFurthest stuff work? I've been trying to figure out what the difference is from aligntopoints and there clearly is a difference but I just cant figure out what it actually does. It's a little unpredictable for me. I'm most likely just missing out on the core logic.

Also Im unable to get the align uniform thing to actually distribute the vertices uniformly. They do the same thing as the other aligns.
I've been getting a problem with the alignpoints script. Sometimes when I click a button, Y Align for example, the Set Vertex Position dialog appears instead...

Any ideas?
I keep all the steps for this tool, but the icons of the aligntools are invisible.
I would like to know what the problem or if I forgot something

screen image

I thank you in advance
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