Topic - Depth of Field Projection Camera

I often used to create a background on a plane and add an image map that was projected toward the camera to give the illusion of depth of field in the landscape. for some reason, this doesn't seem to work any longer—does anyone have any ideas what i might be doing wrong? DOF seems to work, except with the image map that is camera projected.

It's a known bug. The problem is that when you use front projection from the render camera, the image gets projected wrong. It happens with GI and reflections and such as well. What you'll need to do is instance the render camera, and don't touch any of its settings. Then change the camera used for the front projection to the instance, instead. Once you've done this, it will work correctly.
thanks for your help. i instanced the camera and changed the camera used to project the image to the instance, but nothing changed. did i miss something?
Hmm, strange. Maybe it's a different problem. Can you show some images of what you're getting, and what you're trying to do? When I tried it, it worked fine as long as the camera used for projection is not the same as the camera used for rendering.
here are some screen shots:

i hoped to have some depth of field in the background (i've used the technique before here: but it doesn't seem to work any longer, even after your suggestions. thanks again!
Ahhhhh! Okay, this is really bizarre.

If you have your camera and your instance, and you set the original as the render camera and the instance as the projection camera, it works in Preview but not in frame rendering.

If you set the original as the projection camera, and the instance as the render camera, it works in frame rendering but not in Preview.

I can't figure out how to get it working in both Preview and frame rendering. Weird.
does anyone know how this can be accomplished?