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I have purchased a modelling tutorial that went into a little bit of rigging for testing the model.

However I found this a little fast paced and totally confused me, yet I was intrigued :) .

Now I know there's comprehensive tutorials dedicated to this vast topic of rigging and will one day invest in them, but I was wondering if anyone can explain or recommended links that cover the topic 'constraints'.


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I did a series last summer with the Third Guild. This video explains constraints in Modo.

Thanks Matt, much appreciated
Hey Matt,

Currently watching your 'Limiting Rotation Constraint Axis' tut on your site

Great so far, easy to follow :)


Can I ask how you rotated the central pivot of the wheel when you move the Bike locator?

This part was pre-done before the tutorial

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That was quite a way back now, so I can't remember 100% the method I used in that case. I either selected the pivot (viewport hotkey "6" - you may have to turn on Show Pivots in the viewport properties, that's hotkey "o"). Then with the pivot selected, I used the rotate tool to manually rotate it.

Or... I created a locator, rotated it to the correct angle, then selected the item whose pivot I wanted to change, shift selected the locator and under the Setup tabs command palette, chose Match and Align Pivot Rotation (You have to right click on the Centre Rotation button to find this).

There's a few ways you can do it, they're the most likely method I'd have used though.

Hey Matt,

Thanks for that, however I'm probably not understanding or not explaining myself

At the beginning before parenting or constraining when you moved the whole bike with your Locator on the x axis, you had the central hubs of all the wheels rotate.

Was interesting how you done it.

It was very like if I created two wheels (cylinders) parented them to a locator. Then if I moved the locator left and right along the X axis the cylinders would move left and right but rotate as well

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Just uploading a video to Vimeo that explains it. :)

Matt your reputation precedes you!!!

Thank you very much
THanks Matt got it :)

I'm having trouble getting Vimeo to recognize that it's a HD file, so it's coming through as really low quality. :/

You can download the hi-res video here:

Right... it should finally be online and working in HD.
Thanks Matt, slowly getting my head around it :)