Topic - HowTo "drive" diffuse color gradient by image map

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this is one more from my how-to series ... but this time I took care to put the bar somewhat higher ... it is not as simple as the previous questions were ;-)

Matt has done this excellent video ( showing how to combine (blend) two materials, well actually textures, but that should work with any kind of material.

Now I want to replace the diffuse color of one material by a gradient which is "driven" by a grayscale image map where the intensity picks a color value from the linear gradient (black=leftmost color, white=rightmost color, other values are interpolated from the gradients color range).

Below is a reference image from the final result done in another renderer:

This is the gradient:

This is the image map used as "input" to the gradient diffuse color and as bump map too:

I managed to build up the gradient but have no idea how to use the grayscale values as input for it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Set the Effect of the image map to "Driver A" and set the Input Parameter of your gradient to "Driver A". Then set the Effect of the gradient to "Diffuse Color".
Ah, PixelDelirium got there with the correct answer first. Oh well, I recorded another short video which explains it in a little more detail:

Wow ... You guys are kicking!

just for curiosity how long you are on modo?

Matt the video is perfect ... hope it will be useful for other newbies too. Will have closer look on the other from your channel as time allows.

Now it's time to exercise ant put it all together.

Many thanks to both of you ... but finally this figured out to be much easier than expected. Will try to get some more difficult to demand more from you guys ;-)

BTW after looking for "Driver" I found a page from the modo help system which explains everything even more in-depth, very useful too.

Quote from Caustics :
just for curiosity how long you are on modo?

I've been using modo on and off since 2005. I think my first version was 102 or 103.

I've been using modo as my primary 3D app since 2006 (since version 202).