Topic - Normal map not contributing to mask

Hey, just having a play with the dynamask node (which is insanely awesome) however I cannot seem to get my normal map working with the masking. Its old worn leather that I have sculpted in Zbrush so I would assume that it would pick up the cavities at least but nothing shows up. Just so you know, i have set the type of curvature to cavities inside the dynamask node, set all my input maps are set to linear and made sure the curvature and normal maps are loading in fine. Any ideas? It doesnt seem to register anything at all apart from the blurred curvature maps I fed in. thanks!

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Normal Maps contribute only to directional effects such as such as Object Space Direction.
If you want to pick up cavity detail from a normal map, try putting a 'Edge From Normal Map' Node (made paintable then blurred) in there and mix it with your curvature or occlusion maps.

ahh I see, thanks for the reply!