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I spent a lot of time to learn and understand Extension Pack 3.x. I would like to ask about some hard to understand parts.


The output on the right side for F0 specular looks not in grayscale. I noticed that output is a combination Red - Specular, Blue - Roughness, G - Roughness. I would like to bake only information from Red channel.

I tried to use Color Switch and set properties Red and Alpha checked, and after that place Luminosity but results is slightly darked then in DEBUG F0Specular for MR Region (MetalRough)2.

My question is How to connect red channel from MR Region output F0specular to every channel (RGB) of the new layer or channel.

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thanks for using Mari Extension Pack.
You are indeed correct, the F0Specular in the MR Region Output of ExtPack 3R2 is encoded R - Specular , G - Roughness, B - Roughness.
This is a bug that I've known about and fixed for the next release.
The easiest workaround is to attach a shuffle node to the OutF0Specular and set it to RED,RED,RED,Alpha.

Alternatively if you want do quickly fix it yourself go to your ScriptsFolder


and replace the JK_RegionOutput_MR.xml in there with the one attached (which is the one from 3R3)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

P.S.: For anyone curious it is a simple fix of replacing

specular = vec4(#IN_D.r,#IN_B.r,#IN_B.r,1.0);


specular = vec4(#IN_D.r,#IN_D.r,#IN_D.r,1.0);

at the end.

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Hi Jens.

Thank you for inventing and developing Extension Pack. This is really powerful piece of software.

I didn't know before about shuffle node. Yes! It works perfect now. Thanks for help and solutions for complete fixing.