Topic - Extension Pack 3 Cycle Roadmap

Hi folks,

here is what is planned for the next R-releases which I am starting to work on. Release Date TBA but I am aiming for a end-of-year release.
Not everything might end up in the R3 release.

- Batch Subdivide
- Improvements for Export Geometry Functionality
- General Extension Pack UI Overhaul or at least making its dialogs look at least a little bit better
- General Extension Pack Error and Success Message overhaul giving more information to the user
- Mari Standard UI additions such as exposing some functionality as icons etc.
- Imrpovements for Export Channels such as custom Bitdepth export, Export Presets, Colorspace stuff, UI etc.
- Transform Noises etc. via Locators
- Exposing of Rotation for Axis Projection
- 3D Texture Scatter in some form finally
- Some sort of Ramp node minus the ramp (since Mari does not have the concept of a ramp)
- A Nuke HSVTool Act-a-like Node
- Material Manager
- Bugfixes
- big IFs: Installer,Texttool,Marmoset support, Mari UI reskin ?

You can chime in here if you have an idea for a tool and I'll add it to a list and see if I can fit it in.
Definitely let me know about bugs !

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Thank you for all your awesome work on this, Mari would not be half as powerful with out your hard work.
Thanks for supporting the community Jens.

Peter Aversten - Texture Lead
Founder: The Mari Channel

Awesome Jens and thank you! Look forward.