Topic - Using Normal Maps with Extension Pack

Hello :)

I'm using the Height as Normal node in Mari 3.0v2 to paint extra details in the normal map. Is there a way to use this painted normal map with the extension pack?

I want the Mask Edge Chipped node, for example, to see the normal map I've painted. Exporting curvature from Mari doesn't seem to take the normal map into consideration.

Thank you

there is no default way to do this and of course you are right. Modo Bake Curvature does not take any normal map or height map into account.

The way I do it is to:

1) Attach a 'Edge from Normal' Node (also Extension Pack) to your Normal Map Channel
2) Convert to Paintable / Bake to Paintable to get an 'edge mask' from your normal map
3) Blur the resulting map if necessary (because of pixelation, artifacts or whatever)
4) Screen the result over your curvature map

This should effectively give you what you are looking for.

Thank you so much for replying, Campi3d :) I'll try this right now :D

There is no Blur node in Mari at the moment, is there? Do you know if that's possible for future versions? It would be nice to have constant backup/control over this, instead of baking it in.
Sorry, no blur node and this is also not possible the way Mari's Internals are at the moment so don't expect it.
It can be made possible but that would need some tech work that currently does not exist in Mari.
I've tried what you said, it's great, just what I needed. Thank you!

Ah ok, got it. I'll make sure I keep backup unblured nodes if it's something very important.