Topic - MARI Extension Pack 3 R2 released

MARI Extension Pack 3 R2 is now available for download.
Existing Extension Pack 3 customers should have received their upgrade links by now via their original registered email address.

Release Notes:

MARI Extension Pack 3 R2 builds on the foundation of Version 3, focusing on
adding procedural Edge Wear Effects to Mari.

Some Key Features include

- powerful 'DynaMask' Mask Generator
- 6 sample Edge Wear Presets
- new Bake Presets for Curvature Baking, directional Occlusion etc. (big thanks to Sebastian Freigang a.k.a. 'Seb3d' !)
- improved Normal Map Handling across Extension Pack Nodes
- new 'Linear Light' Blendmode

Please find below a selection of Training Materials that I created for this release
All Features are fully doucmentet in the comprehensive Online Help
available from the MARI Help Menu.

Thank you,
Jens Kafitz
Is it compatible with Mari 3.1?
Yes it is.
Not the Non-commercial version though

(btw. I did reply to your email. Did you not get it ?)

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Apparently Mari 3.1v2 doesn't load the Extension Pack

I try to load it manually, and it says:

... # Imports MARI Extension Pack.
... # Place this line into your file if you want to get rid of
... # file
... import ExtensionPack_3v2
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 6, in <module>
ImportError: No module named ExtensionPack_3v2

Mari 3.1v1 loads it without any problem
Resolved. I had to unpack into the application script folder instead of the Documents/Mari/Scripts folder
That does not sound right at all.
I will test. I got surprised by the 3.1v2 release so haven't been able to do any testing beforehand,

Issue was I supposed that I have to copy it into Documents/Mari/Scripts instead of application/media/scripts it works
Yes. You shouldn't have to copy it into the application install directory.
Apart from the Modo Bake Presets that is (which you can also set via an Env Variable)
Should we wait to upgrade to 3.1v2 then or is it all good?

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I am not seeing any problems. Previous poster seems to have placed the pack in the wrong location.