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It started as just a pumpkin, then it found a body, and well, I just wasn't sure if I was going to have anything worth entering (which is why I'm coming to the party late). I kind of like where its going now, so I guess I'm throwing my hat in the ring (obviously though I'm not eligible to win, not that there's any concern about that ;-) Anyways, if I get some time this weekend, I hope to have more of a full scene fleshed out for next week. Enjoy.

James Darknell - MODO Training Manager

Sweet! ;)

Looks good, James! Glad you found time to join in the fun! I'll be keeping an eye on him, and see where he goes!

MeshMixer, huh? Not familiar with that one. I'll have to look it up.

Have fun!

Quote from Chuck Clayton :
MeshMixer, huh? Not familiar with that one. I'll have to look it up.

MeshMixer I have to admit is a pretty cool app. Had a lot of fun putting the pumpkin together in there--

James Darknell - MODO Training Manager

Surprised to see it runs on a Mac! ;)
Still quite a bit to do on him, as I was only able to find a few hours this weekend to work on him. BUT I got him hooked up to his DJ coffin, spinning the vinyl at a party on all hallows eve. I want to, obviously, add a lot more details and finish off his console in the DJ coffin (which is modeled to look like an actual coffin). Will also add lights and speakers in the back ground and some other misc. details once I figure it all out.

James Darknell - MODO Training Manager

Looking great, James! Love the background, too!

Hey Hey,

It is cool idea, party Halloween in new Luxology modo house ;-).

Have you make a animation with a sound track and depend of changing a sound waves a light with a follow a sound effects? Why not, a?

Got a chance to do some more on him, added speakers, and some other details. Going to put in the night sky next, with a dark tree line behind him to show it is outside and I'd like to grow some vines on the coffin and speakers, but not sure how that's going to look. Some obvious rendering defects still, to keep preview nice and fast, will fix that for the final render. Really appreciate any feedback on it.

Nboyan- wont be animating him, although the skeleton is rigged, so it could be possible. I'm not really an animator and I'll be lucky to finish the still by the deadline, if that.

James Darknell - MODO Training Manager

really cool MP ! now I want to go to a Halloween party !

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Lovin this one! great character and lighting!
Really nice image so far,
and it will produce a damn lot of noise if you leave that turntable's arm this side of the disc... ! :P
Hey James,

Great work buddy. I'm glad I could see it from its WIP stage and now its completion.

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That's cool James, funny image !

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Forever tweaking. This is all in modo though, in a single render pass. I tweaked the colors and contrast slightly in Photoshop. I got some really good feedback too and its going to mean a lot more modeling, so here's hoping I can get it all done. But it should be worth it.

James Darknell - MODO Training Manager

Fun character and great lightning!
Good night!
It's a beauty! Love the vibrant colors!


Since you have exclusive access to Notorious B.P.. Why don't you get him to lay down a spooky beat, and do just a little anim with a synchronized particle stage show?

You know, if you have the time to do it. :)

Really nice image though.


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Peter Eriksson says:
Fun character and great lightning!

Thanks Peter.

Chuck Clayton says:
It's a beauty! Love the vibrant colors!

Why thank you Chuck.

J. Hooper says:
Since you have exclusive access to Notorious B.P.. Why don't you get him to lay down a spooky beat, and do just a little anim with a synchronized particle stage show? You know, if you have the time to do it. :)

That is the big issue, if I'll have time or not. Oct. is already overbooked for me. Though the notorious BP is still rather elusive, even in these parts.

James Darknell - MODO Training Manager

Hi James. Your DJ pumpkin Rocks... or maybe he is in to house/club music ?

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Was messing around tonight and came up with a pretty good procedural cobweb texture in modo. Its pretty slow to render, so I rendered out a tile instead and thought it might be a nice thing to share. Just UV map this onto a plane and place in a dark corner somewhere in your scene. Then add a layer mask and paint out the areas where you want it to fade out. I used the noise brush with nice effect. Enjoy.

James Darknell - MODO Training Manager

Here the latest update. New speakers and some tweaking to the lighting.

James Darknell - MODO Training Manager

Thanks for the texture James !
And those are cool speakers.

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Nice work James! That is really cool. All of the aspects come together quite nicely. I really like the cartoon style of the jack-o-lantern skeleton DJ, with the semi-realistic sky and trees.

Now my big question is, where can I pick up some of those casket speakers? Those are awesome. I guess I could just make some. ;)


My Video Tutorials:

I always intended to share a complete walkthrough of my process for making this image, but I got so wrapped up into making the image that I almost forgot about the sharing part. It's getting sort of late to really be of help for this contest, but this can still be helpful for other stuff. I'll try to do as many of these as possible (even after Halloween if it comes to that)-

Step 01) My Pumpkin head started out as a squished quadball that was smoothed with the sculpting tools.

Step 02) I made a quick spherical UV map for the surface and then applied the wood procedural texture as a displacement to make the ribs.

Step 03) The ribs, while going the correct direction, don't look like a pumpkin at all, so I used them as a driver to a gradient and reformed them with the gradient curve (see my driving gradients and textures video). I also added a small amount of noise for some surface variation. I over emphasized the texture knowing it would be minimized in later steps.

Step 04) I then saved out the render geometry cache to actual geometry. This created quite a messy, but very high resolution surface, due to my quick UV map and unconcern for the displacement texture lining up. Then using the topo tools I made a quick face for the pumpkin and extruded it to get some depth. Both pieces were exported separately.

Step 05) In MeshMixer, the two pieces were imported and subtracted from one another. I also used MeshMixers tools to clean up the messy model, filling in the holes and smoothing out the seams.

Step 06) I used MeshMixers tools to smooth over the edges between the booleans, creating a more seamless, believable result.

Step 07) The MeshMixer object was brought in to ZBrush and the QRemesher tool was used to create a subdivision compatible all-quads model from the messy triangles generated by MeshMixer.

The ZBrush model was brought back in to modo where the topo tools were used once again to model a stem that conformed to the top of the pumpkin. Once the base was defined, it was extruded using the Sketch Extrude tool. Then using the multi-resolution sculpting, stem like details were added in. The original undisplaced shape was used to render boolean the pumpkin interior and create the glowing inner surface.

The resulting mesh was surfaced (again) in modo with subsurface scattering and some procedural textures assigned as a bump to create a more realistic surface. Here is the final pumpkin mesh rendered.

Next I'll try to detail the steps I used to model the skeleton as quickly as possible.

James Darknell - MODO Training Manager

This is looking great, and thanks for the walk-through MP!!!
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