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i hope it´s the right place here =)
I like todo an animation and as i created my earth rig a few days ago this idea came to my mind.

Today i started to create a quick animated storyboard (btw. on my iPad =) ) to see how it would look and work.

Cheers, Andy
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Looks like a fun idea Andy. Good luck!

Thank you :-)

I decided to "candynize" the short, which means that f.e. the pumpkins tail is made out of candys.
This is a nice opportunity to play with modo's particles and i like to add some positive vibes to the short.

I also thought about if it is a good idea to make the pumpkin a alien (green color with that area51 almond eyes)
That would fit good to the space idea.

Hmm ... I think i like the idea 8-)

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Like it Andy!
May I ask which apps you use on the iPad to make your storyboard?
Sure, it´s called "Cinemek Storyboard Composer HD"
Link to the AppStore

What i like is that you can animate a camera (with dolly, zoom ...) add arrows and text.
Check the timing, export a Pdf and Quicktime.

What i don´t like is that you have to send the storyboard over the net to get your quicktime-movie or Pdf per email.
It´s not a problem but i ask my self why everything as to fly into the cloud ?

And it is not cheap.

But in the end i like it most from all storyboard tools i have tested on the iPad.

Edit: Oh, i used Sketchbook Pro on the mac and Sketchbook on the ipad to make the paintings.

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First animation of the contest! Looks great, Andy!

Will be following your progress for sure!

Thanks for the info, Andy!
I love it!
This is a first quick Modo-Particle-Doodle showing the sequence when the pumpkin hit´s earth.
I´m not sure if i do it that way, but it was fun to play =)
I started with the pumpkin ...

And i added a funny gradient RimLight fake to the test shader.
It´s just a gradient with locator-incidence grouped to the camera and
mapped into the luminous-color slot.

Works pretty good in some situations and without the cost of extra render time.

So, last one for today.
Got it uv´ed, painted and added some procedural bumps (emodo) and scratches (emodo).

I may render a turntable before i´m done for today =)

Cheers, Andy

Thank you for you post Andy,

and please note : ...

When did we'll start work together Andy?

Of course may be 'the answer is when did you get better than Andy Brown or BP :-).
Hi Andy. Your pampkin is looking Good Can`t wait to see what will you do with all that particle simulation of modo 701 ... This could be so much fun.

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Cool concept Andy, but I have a crit about your pumpkin. At the top the centre should drop into the pumpkin a bit where the stem comes out. The top just looks a little weird with the stem attachment up so high. Does that make sense?
Oh yeah, i should fix this =)
Here´s a turntable from the "old" version.

Thanxx for your hint !

Quote from AndyProbst :
Oh yeah, i should fix this =)
Here´s a turntable from the "old" version.

Thanxx for your hint !

Lovely textures!
Another render with new shape and a volume-light which i may not use in the final render.
Quick render of a procedural asteroid straight out of preview (with some Nuke), no final render.

Haha! Your asteroid looks like a marshmallow that has been held over the fire too long! Beauty!

i have something new to show, i got my full procedural asteroid-field up and running.
Everything is procedural, the materials, the movement.

I just have to setup the frame range and the camera - done =)
Love MODO !

A better render of the field ...

Those asteroids really look great, Andy !

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Thank You =)

Here´s another quicktime with the pumpkin in his Ship =)
Still lot to fix, the pumpkins strange movement is a test if the deformation works and i have
to repair the eyes.

I love the light of the last render of the asteroid field, very cool atmosphere !

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Thank You Olivier :-)
Right now the astrero scene renders a bit slow due the volume in the background, i have to find a solution
To get the rendertime down.

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