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Update January 26, 2015 • Small Fix

— I have included the last version of a script by Gianni Soldati aka Jeegrobot (“”). Copy-paste what Gianni said: “I added just one line but it is important because it reset the cube commmand before launching it. Without this line sometimes the joined shapes is segmented”.

Update January 18, 2014 • Small Fix

— I have included the last version of a script by Ylaz (“”), which works slightly different. Icon and Tooltip is updated also.

Update December 26, 2013 • Small Fix

— Including a new version of "PerfectCircle". Added also a script that I forgot to include: "", both by Seneca.

Update December 23, 2013 • Version 2.0

— Icons are defined using the new 'Grid' structure introduced in 701. This means a better file management: Modo does not import a lot of small PNG files, one for each icon. There are just 2 'grid image' files now, one for medium icons (20 px) and one for large icons (32 px). I provide the old version (v1), compatible with Modo 601, with many fewer tools.

— Now you can open the tools in two ways: as a Popover (simple CLICK on icon in top Toolbar) or as a Floating Window (press ALT at the same time)

— Simply put: they are A LOT of new tools. Much of them are by the 'God' of scripts: Seneca Menard. Please, read CREDITS section for full coverage and acknowledgment to script authors.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My goal with this is:

Put together a quick access to a bunch of thirty party scripts. Really useful scripts, but no so frequently used to justify to call them using a shortcut/keymap.

Including some native Modo tools in a way that it becomes a more easy experience to use them, thanks to descriptive icons and ToolTips.


— To better understand what does each button I recommend you to apply a first time over a simple case (something similar to what is represented on icons is a good idea).

Please, be specially careful with this: put “one of your eyes” on the ItemList to be completely sure that the Item corresponding to your component selection is really “selected” in the ItemList. Sometimes you can have a vertex or polygon selected, but if you look to the Item List you can see that another Item is “selected” also, with dark background. And this could give you unexpected results.

— Read the Tooltips. I will say again: Read the Tooltips

— DISCLAIMER: sorry if some tool doesn't works as you expect. This is just a compilation of scripts grouped under a convenient palette with buttons and icons. Don't expect me to “fix” or change some of that scripts: my coding knowledge is very limited. And take the classic precautions: be careful with the more “destructive” tools and save your scene frequently ;-)


This kit includes scripts created by:

Ariel Chai aka Svartberg
Allan Kiipli
Bjoern Siegert aka nicelife
Chris Hague
Dion Burgoyne
Erik Karlsson
Gianni Soldati aka Jeegrobot
James O'Hare aka Farfarer
Julian Johnson
Keith Sheppard aka OOZZEE
Mark Rossi aka Onim
Matt Cox
Muhamed Toromanovic aka Muha
Philip Lawson
Seneca Menard
Shaun Absher
Simon Lundberg aka Captain Obvious

••• Here is a full detailed directory with all scripts and their authors •••

Concept, Design and Icons by Cristóbal Vila - 2013 -




— Move eterea_swissknife folder to your scripts directory

— Open Modo, press on that new white-cross-over-red icon button in the top bar and enjoy.


ETEREA MODO RESOURCES · You will find there all my shared tools and kits, with information in English and Spanish


Cristóbal Vila

Message edited by Cristobal Vila on 1/26/2015 - 3:55 AM

This looks fantastic, thank you.
WOW! Thank you!
Cristobal, you never cease to amaze. Another great plugin as well. I'd hate to see your actual UI for Modo with all the shortcuts you've created. Thanks.
Its Christmas early!

Thanks Cristobal,

Going thru and trying to understand extrude edge along normal. When the tool is activated it extrudes the edge/s but what determines the length of the extrusion and is they a way to set the length for it to extrude?

"create curves" to blend between two selected ones . Is this suppose to function like blend in illustrator. Right now If I create a arch and a straight curve and blend between them I get this. The blended curve is not what one would expect.

Message edited by wes wait on 10/8/2013 - 12:21 PM

Thank you for your generosity!

Thanks for your kind words, guys! Glad you liked it :-)

Wes: Extrude Along Edge Normals calls to this script by Shaun Absher. As far as I know it's a kind of “hack”. You can not “totally” control the final length of your extrusion, once you arrive to a point.

To blend between curves be careful to operate between splines with the same amount of vertices (add one intermediate vertex to straight spline in your example).

Cristóbal Vila
Thanks Cristobal

didn't think of that
Cristobal, luxology should use some of your icons for the modo UI, you should make a proposal to them.
Thanks once more Cristobal, neat work!
I feel like a child in a toy shop!!
Thank you!

Thanks to this script I can clean up my huge amount of custom toolbars, piemenus, popovers,etc in a single palette!

I'm thinking about adding vertical tabs on the right edge of the palette to add more and more (so I remove them from other place of the ui and menus).
fantastic!!i like the icons!
Awesome! Thanks Cristobal.


render config:
Intel Core i7-5820K@4.4GHz, MSI X99S MPOWER, 64GB DDR4 + Intel Core i7-3930K@4.4GHz, ASUS P9X79 WS, 64GB DDR3

simply amazing
Luxology should at least consider adding your thumbnails to Modo... and let you do even more :-)
I second that!!
Thanks again for your kind words, my friends! :-)

But please, don't forget the great work done by all the GUYS that coded and shared these scripts ;-)

Cristóbal Vila

Message edited by Cristobal Vila on 10/9/2013 - 10:59 AM

Definitely!! Cheers
Thanks for sharing this usefull scrpt . Is it possible add "Super Aligners,Item Custom Display Presets which need use shortcut "to Swiss Knife ? For me, i am is very not good at create many shotcuts for scripts in modo . I am very like using Swiss Knife in my daily work .That i can use many scrpts quickly, just need open Swiss Knife, click the button .
Quote from Mr Li :
Is it possible add "Super Aligners, Item Custom Display Presets?

Yes, of course:

— Go to Form Editor and search for ETEREA (yellow folders) > Swiss Knife Tools > ETEREA Swiss Knife

— Add a new command there (New Control > Add Command)

— Introduce the command to call Super Aligners (*) (or any other script/tool), give a name (label), a tooltip (if you want) and a custom icon.

— Then you can re-export the ETEREA Swiss Knife form, saving as a CFG and substituting the original one.

It's very easy! ;-)

(*) If you want to know the exact command to open any form: look for it in the Form Editor > Click with RMB > “Assign to Key” > You can copy the command there. In the case of ETEREA Super Aligners is attr.formPopover {29517870907:sheet}

Hope it helps.

Cristóbal Vila
Love it! Great collection!
Thanks to all...
Eh eh...I'm playing with your palette!
I think that this palette will be the most "hacked and customized" palette ever.
I already removed a few scripts and added other scripts.

Since it's so simple I think that all those users that wanted a custom palette but were not able to do it by themselves will use yours to do it!
Thank you for your work. But I would like at least somewhere to see the job description of these scripts. How to use it?
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