Topic - ETEREA ModelColors Palette 1.5 • Updated June 26, 2014

Update June 26, 2014 • Version 1.5

Just a maintenance update to address the problem with main icon in top bar, that disappears in Modo 801 if you press ALT key. It’s fixed now. This kit remains 701 & 801 compatible.

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Here is a recent addition to my modeling helpers. This is just a palette to quick assign predefined colors to poly selections.

I find this very useful for MODEL and UV work, in order to quickly create differentiated parts, both to separate key areas and too for select them quickly, using that two buttons at left. These ones calls both scripts by Seneca Menard: lazySelectMaterial and selectRest There is also a tool to assign random colors to separate islands, automatically, thanks to a script by Ariel Chai (colorCodeMesh).

You have Tool Tips when over your mouse, but I find it pretty self-explanatory.


>>> Download Eterea ModelColors Palette 1.5 <<< Compatible with Modo 701 & 801.

>>> Download Eterea ModelColors Palette 1.2 <<< Compatible with Modo 601



— Unzip and copy the “eterea_modelcolors” folder (kit) to the Scripts folder
— Open Modo and you will see a new small orange button in the top bar
— Press it and enjoy

Scripts by Seneca Menard and Ariel Chai are included on this kit to make a more easy installation. If you have these scripts installed already in your system, you could remove them from this kit and all should work without problems (or you could leave them on both locations, and probably it doesn't matter too much…)

I hope you find this as useful as me :-)


ETEREA MODO RESOURCES · You will find there all my shared tools and kits, with information in English and Spanish


Cristóbal Vila

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Thanks Eterea, this will be helpful.
Thanks Wes!

I can assure you that this is much more helpful than it could seems at a first look. At least for me.

After some weeks using it, I find this is one of the more productive add-ons I have made, specially when it comes to help creating and uv-ing complex models. I love to define separate key areas using colors, in order to apply some delicate operation or to uv them part by part (cut-paste), and then I can select QUICKLY the different group-colors using the first two buttons…

I find useful too the saturated colors to bring the attention over some problematic areas that deserve some extra work, but in the future (just like a “reminder light”).

And these colors do not have anything to do with the colors/materials that I will finally employ (they are just helpers for modeling and uv)

Well, all this depends a lot from your personal pipeline and workflow, of course :-)

The best advice is IMHO: try it, even if you don't see the benefit at first stage ;-)

Cristóbal Vila

thanks for sharing Cristóbal.
i'll try it :)

Always appreciate the nice and tidy palettes you come up with and share, Cristóbal. :)
They inspired me when I started out using Modo last April.
I found this very useful. Thanks a lot.
I don't get the Icon after install in 501. Any ideas?
Quote from chadchat :
I don't get the Icon after install in 501. Any ideas?

This is because Modo 601 uses a different internal HASH description for that “modo Modes” Toolbar than Modo 501.

Open your “index.cfg” file inside “eterea_modelcolors” folder using a simple text editor:

Replace this line:

      <hash type="InCategory" key="ModoModesToolbar:sheet#tail">

With this one:

      <hash type="InCategory" key="26077270201:sheet#tail">


Open Modo 501 again and look to the Toolbar in the default Model Tab.

Be careful: use a plain text editor and save using the same .cfg extension.

Hope it helps.

Cristóbal Vila
Works! Thx for the quick and helpful reply. Great utility.
Update April 20, 2013 • Version 102

— You will find the form inside a new “ETEREA Group” in the Form Editor (the yellow folders)
— You will see the Kit Version in Menu System > Kit Toggle Enable

Cristóbal Vila
This is just what I was looking for, it is similar to polygroups in ZBrush. Thanks!
Thank you for sharing this Cristóbal! So useful addon.

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One of my favorite kits. I like setting it vertically like this:
Update December 23, 2013 • Version 1.4

— Icons are defined using the new 'Icons Grid' structure introduced with Modo 701. This means a better file management: Modo does not import a lot of small PNG files, one for each icon. There are just 2 'grid image' files now, one for medium icons (20 pixels) and one for large icons (32 pixels).

— I provide an alternate old version, compatible with Modo 601, but I won't update this, sorry.

— Now you can open the tools in two ways: as a Popover (simple CLICK on icon in top Toolbar) or as a Floating Window (press ALT at the same time)

— There is a new tool to assign random colors to separate islands, automatically, thanks to a script by Ariel Chai.

Cristóbal Vila
Cristobal, thank you for your contribution, all your tool kits are really handy and helpful. Want to ask you if you don't mind. I got an interesting task to do and need to have a many many color (materials) presets to use it within huge amount of separated polygons. So I want to ask how did you made this .LXM scripts? Regulars 'presets' are not just the same I'd like to have, and this type of scripts you've made are really great =)

Hi Cristobal

Having a similar problem to chadchat, except I can't get the icon to show in 801.

Would appreciate any assistance you can give.

There's an issue with this kit in 801 (and also with “PseudoNurbs” and “Pushing Points”) when you press ALT, in order to launch it as a floating palette, the small icon in the top bar disappears temporally. Other than that, if you DON'T press ALT, the icon should be there. And even if it disappears with ALT pressed, all should work without problems. All is working fine here with 801.

As soon as I have some free time I will fix that small issue.

If you don't see the icon —never— then try these things:

— Be sure you have only the new version of that kit in your system (and not previous ones also).

— Quit Modo and turn it to “factory default”. This is: search your default or main .CFG (or your .plist preference if you are in a Mac) and move it temporarily to you desktop.

— Open Modo.
Works? Right. This means that you had a layout with a previous version of Kit-Form stored in your default CFG/plist and this causes a conflict with actual one.

— Doesn't works?
Quit Modo. Try moving ALL other stuff in your Scripts / Configs / Kits folder to desktop. All except the kit you are trying.
Works? Right. This means that you have some kind of incompatibility with other kit/form (strange, but possible, I suppose…)

None of previous measures works?
Sorry, I have no idea about what to do then :-/

Cristóbal Vila

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Rino: sorry, I didn't saw your post. All is based in simple macros. The time-consuming part is not the macros itself, it's the icon's creation

As an example, this is the macro for the RED color, saved as “red.LXM”

poly.setMaterial Red {1.0 0.6 0.6} 0.8 0.2 true false

When you press the Red button you call this using @red.LXM

Cristóbal Vila
Update June 26, 2014 • Version 1.5

Just a maintenance update to address the problem with main icon in top bar, that disappears in Modo 801 if you press ALT key. It’s fixed now. This kit remains 701 & 801 compatible.

Cristóbal Vila
Hi Cristobal
Thanks for your advice - I'll give these things a try.