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What is 'Simple Markup'

You can use the following tags to add simple html-like markup to your posts.

[b] Bold [/b] = Bold

[i] Italics [/i] = Italics

[link] [/link] =

[link=""] The Foundry Community Web Site [/link] = The Foundry Community Web Site

[email] [/email] =

[email=""] my email address [/email] = my email address

[img] [/img] =

How do I post images?

There are two methods. You can upload an image directly to posts and galleries by clicking 'Add Content' or you can host them on your personal server and can be linked to through the [img] simple markup.

What image formats can I upload?

We support .jpg and .png

What is the maximum resolution of images?

You can upload images up to 2048x2048. But we recommend a more reasonable resolution to make them easier to view on most desktops and mobile devices.

What video formats can I upload?

We attempt to support the most popular formats. Currently we support .mp4, .m4v, .ogv, .webm, .mov, and .flv. You can also add links to YouTube and Vimeo videos through the 'Add Content' feature.

What does the 'Report' link do?

The 'Report' link is used to report a bad post to the forum moderators. It should be used when an abusive, offensive or spam (advertisement) post is made in a forum.