Privacy Policy

At The Foundry we take privacy very seriously. We hate SPAM, unless it’s fried SPAM®, with a little parmesan on the side and then we just dislike it. Here are some things we will and will not do on our site and with your information.

The Foundry WILL:

  • Gather information about visitors IP and email addresses as well as domain names when possible so that we may reduce the abuse from pirates, and other "no-goodnicks". This is for our protection and yours.
  • Use gathered information to determine ways to customize and improve our site to fit the needs of our users.
  • Use cookies to store information about users so that we can remember information to make visiting our site a more personalized and enjoyable experience.
  • Use your registered email address to contact you regarding administrative issues with your account only if the information is specific to you and cannot be presented in any other manner.
  • Send important information and announcements about The Foundry to your registered email address only if you have chosen to opt into the mailing list through your account preferences. If at any time you have problems with your preferences and wish to be removed from this service contact us.

The Foundry WILL NOT:

  • Share your information with any other company or entity.
  • Sell your information to any other company or entity.
  • Knowingly contribute to the proliferation of SPAM. AS we stated earlier, we feel SPAM is a crime against intelligent people.
  • Harm any animals (particularly cows) in the creation of our web site.
  • From time to time our security policy may change. In that event, users will be contacted and given an opportunity to evaluate our newest policy and make an informed decision regarding their continued participation.

At The Foundry we are just a bunch of computer geeks. We love playing with computers and we love all the advantages in communication that the internet provides. We want to leverage these abilities to better communicate with you. There are companies that will take advantage of these abilities. We are not one of those companies. We just want to hang out and talk about 3D with all of you. If you are ever dissatisfied with our service or security policies and implementation, please contact us. We are serious about these issues.

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