July 15, 2016

(2016-07-15) HEAVYPOLYcast

Vaughn Ling has too many silent letters.


I had a lot of fun chatting with KakaPoopie, HeavyPoly, aka Vaughan Ling this week. So check us out. You can get his amazing training at HEAVY POLY

Also, since I told Vaughan I want to break stereotypes in this I thought I'd re-share some old-old raps about MODO that I made for you all so long ago...

This one is about 6 years old! My tribute to Allen Hastings. Or as we know him, RenderGod.
Render God

And here's the rap referenced in the modcast, inspired when I learned that MCA (Adam Yauch) had died in 2012.
MODO 601: Check it out.


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BradPeebler (View All Entries) at 12:47 PM on July 15, 2016

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