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Rename Selected

This script functions very similiarly to Modo's native rename command, but allows for slightly different behavior. Firing this utility will present you with a rename prompt containing the name of your most recently selected item. It will also replace illegal characters and spaces to underscores, in an attempt to keep item names more compatible
with other DCC applications( This can be disabled by changing line 46 from True to False).

Remap this to the F2 button, this will make renaming items very fast.

How To Use:
To use this utility, type this code in to Modo's command line:

Install Instructions:
Place this Python file inside Modo's /lxserv/ folder. You can find this folder from within Modo via the top menu:
System/Open User Scripts Folder

A folder called lxserv should exist inside the scripts folder. If one doesn't exist, create it. Then, simply copy this Python file in to that folder and restart Modo.


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Added: April 24, 2015
Categories: General
Tags: pluginrenameselected
Language: Python
Compatible With: -Not Tested-

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