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simple companion script for julienne tool

-run either in edge or vert mode
-script locks all other non-connected geo to avoid the slice so
add verts or edges to selection to be included in the slice operation
-first 2 verts or first edge determine the max distance
-gap amount cannot exceed the 'threshold' (which will be prompted)
-follow brief instructions prompted by the script
-tool by default tags sliced geo labeled _Cut_ME_ under Material tag (statistics>Polygons>Material)
if u wanna do something w them
-press 'i' to unlock other geo @ the end
-note: use small number like 0.0001 for 'Gap' for almost 'no gap-like' cuts

note* same limitations as the default julienne tool (for e.g., nGons may result)
(julienne tool slices from - to + direction, so if u grabbed the wrong end of geo, just add the
(-) in front of the offset value)

quick demo:


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Added: July 09, 2014
Categories: Modeling - Mesh Editing
Tags: julienneslicing with gaps
Language: Python
Compatible With: -Not Tested-

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