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This script creates a vertex at the center of selected polys and adds them to a Selection Set.

This Python Script is mostly written in the new Python API. Some good stuff for the curious to examine.

Big thanks to:
GwynneR, Matt Cox, Chris_Hague and others who helped me through my own stupidity and inexperience. Huge thanks to farfarer who provided the entire visitor callback.

How To Use:
Select some polys in a mesh
Type makeCenterPoints in MODO command line
Press enter
Enter Selection Set name in the dialog
Select a Calculation Type
Press OK

Calc Types
Centered: places the created point centered based on the vertices making up the selected poly. That may not be on the poly surface.

On Surface: places the created point on the poly's surface which may not be in the actual poly's center.

Install Instructions:
copy to lxserv directory in your scripts folder


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Added: May 26, 2014
Categories: Modeling - Workflow
Tags: create verticesPython APISelection Settext prompt
Language: Python
Compatible With: -Not Tested-

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