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Floor Maker Live

This is a "live" version of Floor Maker. Because of an error in the script sharing system, I haven't been able to upload the script here, please download from:

Floor Maker Live makes floors (or floor patterns) in realtime (almost); change parameters and see the changes before dropping the tool.

- Regular board floors
- Herringbone patterns
- Chevron patterns
- Radial patterns (experimental)
- Creates 1-5 materials (randomized) and UV's
- etc

Needs modo 701 or newer.

How To Use:
Select one (1) mesh item
Select at least one polygon (FML only works on flat surfaces (floors))
Activate tool (saw icon)
Click on the selected polygons to activate plugin
Change settings and see changes in viewport

Example video (shows an old version, artifacts have been fixed):

Install Instructions:
Unpack and put in "configs" or "kits" folder


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Added: February 03, 2014
Categories: Modeling - Mesh Creation
Tags: floorgroundmeshstonewood
Language: Python
Compatible With: -Not Tested-

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