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In case you're like me and have to create symmetrical sets of weight map mirrors hundreds of times a day, here's a little script that will do it instantly for you. Inside you can set what the offside weight mirror will be named (defaults to "offside") and send a symmetrical axis to the script via " X" etc.. and it will take the selected weightmap and mirror it and rename it with the offside tag, EG:WeightMap will be mirrored to WeightMapoffside

How To Use:
Select a weightmap
Fire the script, by default it will mirror it over the Z Axis and rename it to NAMEoffside

you can send an argument to change the symmetrical axis as well via X

Install Instructions:
Drop this script into your user scripts directory


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Added: October 21, 2013
Categories: Modeling - Weight Maps
Tags: helpermirrorriggingweight map
Language: Perl
Compatible With: -Not Tested-

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