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Lumigon Creator adds two entries to the '(new item)' menu of the item list - 'Lumigon' and 'Lumigon NS'. Both entries will add an area light with a 1m x 1m luminous polygon parented to it. By setting a viewport to 'light' and manipulating the parent area light you can easily move around the luminous polygon while being able to see where it is pointing.

Additionally, the first time an item of each type is created from the menu, a material will be created and applied to the polygon as follows: Lumigon - Diffuse and Specular set to 0%, Lumiosity set to 3.0 W/srm2 Lumigon NS - Same as above but with shader layer set to Cast Shadows off, Receive Shadows off, Visible to Camera off Subsequent lumigons of each type added to the scene from the menu commands will have their polygon applied to the material of the relevant type.


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Added: May 28, 2010
Categories: Rendering - Lighting
Tags: lumigonluminous
Language: Python
Compatible With: -Not Tested-

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