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To learn working with the nodal workspace I created this camera rig. It's an easy to use camera rig which is aligned to a circle path and has the following features:

- Dolly: For zooming in and out
- Banking: For changing the camera angle
- Pitch: Vertical axis rotation
- Rotation: To orbit around the center horizontally

- Focal Length: Speaks for itself
- Focal Distance: Automatically from the center of the circle or manually

- Camera shake: With controls to adjust the seed, frequency, position shake strength, rotation shake strength and the combined strength.

To position or animate the rig, animate the user channels and the position of the CamRig locator, don't animate the camera object itself or the helpers.

Added: July 10, 2016
Categories: Cameras
Tags: camera, camera rig, camera shake, dolly
Channel Modifiers: Matrix Compose, Basic Math, Measure Distance, Channel Noise, Path Constraint
Created In: modo10

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